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Thread: Quality Before Stupidity - QBS2246 days old

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    Default Quality Before Stupidity - QBS

    Starting from today, ABF will implement a new banning policy: Quality Before Stupidity (QBS). This banning policy is similar to the Quality Before Quantity (QBQ) policy we have, but different, in that members who are banned under QBS, don't necessarily need to have an excessive post count, poor spelling, etc., but because they post stupid shit, and generally being anti-scientific. There are exceptions to the QBS policy however, such as creationism, which falls under free speech, because even though intelligent design advocates may not be the most scientific of the lot, it is nonetheless a widely debated topic amongst modern evolutionary biologists and the religious crowd, so we must allow intelligent design advocates free speech here as well.

    Much like QBQ, the QBS policy requires some interpretation from the members, but you can always, easily, avoid a QBS ban if you generally keep it highbrow, serious, intellectual and educational.

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