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Thread: Can we locate the proto-Uralic urheimat by N1c-L392 phylogeny?1606 days old

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    Default Can we locate the proto-Uralic urheimat by N1c-L392 phylogeny?

    First of all, great Y-DNA map:

    And the topic question: do you think it's possible to locate where proto-Uralic could have been spoken by looking at the modern distribution of N-M231+ / N1c-L392- clades? Also N1c-L392+ but VL29- and Z1936- markers should be very helpful in understanding where this took place. This is the distribution of N-M231:

    This is the distribution of Uralic languages:

    At this point, given N1c's wide distribution among Finno-Ugric speakers, I'd say N1c is equivalent to R1a-M17+ in Indo-European. I also wouldn't count N1b out, and its role in proto-Uralic is probably not that dissimilar to R1b's status among Indo-European speakers (Finns do carry some minor N1b):

    So, N1c was in all likelihood present among the proto-Uralics. Ancient DNA will give us important clues to where proto-Uralic was spoken, once they find more ancient N1c bones, and given how well ancient skeletons preserve up there, it shouldn't be too difficult to get such samples.

    Of course, N1c's high frequency that far north in Russia, doesn't mean that's where N1c originated; N1c has a more southern origin, as does the proto-Uralic urheimat, but Y-DNA N became that common that far north in Russia because the region was sparsely population. In any case, I think population geneticists and linguists alike should be studying N1c more in depth to gain clues of the proto-Uralic urheimat. Am I right or wrong here?
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