Anyone know about recent prehistoric human timeline

Pls check about my point at human timeline, because i feel there is mistaken on this,

I have searching online there is too much differenct even some people believe if neanderthal is part of Homo Sapiens (H S Neanderthal), althought wiki have proven its wrong......


1. 200.000 ago first human developed in Africa
2.195.000 first fosil on ethiopia found (What kind of group, and how those early human look alike)
3. 160.000 ago first human developed called Homo Sapiens Idaltu
4. 135.000 ago first wave out of africa have make a south route to Australia, and make modern human spread in (Mid East, India, China, and Australia make an ancestor of Australian Aboriginis and Andamanese) There is even an early homo sapiens tool found in Mid East, and China which connected to African tool
5. 100.000 ago Khoisan people divergen from early Homo Sapiens in Africa ( Does this mean Aborigin and andamanese even older than khoisan ? Considering their ancestral move out Africa before Khoisan developed)
6. 75.000 ago Toba Volcano Erupted thus make Homo Sapiens population decreased 80% (only people on africa, australia, and some part of Asia have survive and begin as an ancestral of modern Human)
7. 55.000 ago Second waves out africa have make a northern Routes which make an ancestral of majority of Modern People now
8. 50.000 ago first known hand cave painting found in Sulawesi Indonesia
9. 45.000 ago people of cro-magnon colonializing europe and begin make a start of European early culture
10. 40.000 ago oldest cave painting El Castillo