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Thread: Estonians2346 days old

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    Rugevit, please guess which one of these men doesn't look Estonian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemminkäinen View Post
    Rugevit, please guess which one of these men doesn't look Estonian?

    The one on the left is Estonian. But he may not be fully ethnic Estonian.



    Most Finns can pass in Belarus and vice versa. When I was speaking about Belarusians and Finns have different physical appearances, I was talking about populations in general in reference anthropological studies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck Finn View Post
    Rugevitshka, dear friend, I wouldn't rely too much on Chukhna joke type of stereotypes when dealing with Estonian guys. Some of those guys may be gorjatshie for real.
    Many Estonians seems to be hot-headed unlike other Nordic people.

    But now, off to sauna. It is as dark outside as in the average Russian bright light city area but hopefully I'll find the sauna anyways, that being located in an other building. We'll see what happens.Maybe polar bears will eat me
    I like sauna. Likely, sauna is Finnish word. I don't know what sauna means to Finnish culture. In Russia and Belarus sauna is not only the place where people get warm and wash themselves. Sauna is the place where people may socialise. LOL.

    Looking at traditional Finnish sauna, it looks are Belarusian 'laznia'. We also use 'vihta' made of birch branches.
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    I haven´t been active for a long time, noticed now that the our ´viking´ is back wasn´t he banned?
    Quote Originally Posted by Põhjamaalane View Post
    1 year ago in september, I was literally mistaken for a Swede by Swedes at a conference in Brussels before I introduced myself.
    That was your Greatest Day of the Life !, wasn´t it, you "typical Estonian" (with Swedish ancestors).

    Quote Originally Posted by NixYO View Post
    Have you ever been to Estonia? One thing that astonished me the last time I was there, was how different ethnic Estonians and Russians looked in comparison to each other.
    It is tricky in fact as there are some Estonians who look really different from Russians and as well there are some Estonians who look like Russians and Slavs. And the tricky thing is that if you see the latter mentioned type of Estonians on the street you would consider them (in fact erroneously!) Russians (as in fact they´re estonians). I bet you did not interview everyone you met on the streets of Tallinn and did ask about their mother tongue, grandmothers ethnic origin and etc. Most probably there is in your head a stereotype or cliche "on how should an Estonian look like". But do not be surprised if your stereotype will turn out to be delusive.
    There are roughly two main types of Estonians: a Finnish looking one and a Balto-Slavic looking one. And as well something "in-between them". And as well some other types.
    Lets look at this photo. This is taken in Northern Estonia, thus I suppose in a more "Finnish-looking speher". You can see the women behind are classical Finnish types, in front certainly not. Simple as that.

    By the way, he Swedish-looking ones can be find but in my opinion they are is actually a small minority only. Actually in my area in South-Estonia those Swedish-looking types are really quite hard to find.

    Quote Originally Posted by Põhjamaalane View Post

    Southern-Estonian is literally 3 times closer to Finnish than Northern-Estonian is, thus even more different from Balto-Slavic. Linguists say that Southern-Estonian was one of the first if not the first language to arose from the Finnic language group.
    South-Estonian is even more distant from Finnish than Estonian is. Yes, there is a vowel harmony in south-Estonian as it is in Finnish but that is all. Because of that vowel harmony some probably think S.Estonian is "like Finnish" but that is not so.

    But there is also an an alternate classification of Finnic (Fennic. i.e Balticsea Finnish languages) says wikipedia. See >Subgrouping
    -coastal group ( Finnish, Karelian, Veps, as well Estonian etc-all others)
    -continental group whichc consists solely and only out of South-Estonian language.
    Thus all others are "coastal" while only South-Estonian is not.

    It looks like this "language tree" of Balticsea Finnish languages also shows that south-Estonian (lõunaeesti on the map) is not the closest to Finnish.
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    Front ones in Latvia I would consider Russians. The left one definitely. Right one is on border.
    Back ones in Latvia I would consider locals.

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