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Thread: Origin of Egypt3121 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by beyoku View Post
    Not at all. If I give you some of the details would you be interested in taking the time to scour the web to see if you can find the published data? This is the hard part.
    Yes that sounds good, I don't mind scouring the web

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    Quote Originally Posted by nee4speed111 View Post
    Its not just the M35 lineages that are interesting in copts I think, lifeisdandy who is J1-P58 was negative for all the current SNPs under P58 on the haplotree, she didn't fall under any of the current terminal SNP's, which has very interesting implications I think considering that the only MENA christians with significant amounts of J1 Y-DNA are copts, in most of the middle east it seems to be a muslim thing, except in egypt. In this thread me and lifeisdandy give all the Y-DNA's of our coptic relatives on 23andme, if your interested. Her Y-DNA results are discussed on page 7 I think.
    Semitic Duwa gave me a lengthy and cool analysis of my father's ydna and the explanation seems plausible. Semitic Duwa, feel free to chime in. Unfortunately as much as I would like for my ydna side to have been of egyptian origin, we all know j1-p58 is mesopotamian in origin and my specific cluster is 4.5k years old with a likely origin in northwest arabia or present day jordan. I share a trcma with 2 saudi quraishis about 2.1k years ago so its likely my father's line was part of some arabian tribe or civilization and spoke a north arabian language.. at some point my paternal ancestor moved to Egypt and other parts of the cluster stayed in the arabian peninsula. My father's line was part of the earliest semitic speaking communities which I can say is pretty cool. But its quite clear my father's line was not a part of the early original Egyptian stock but if my ancestor moved to Egypt 2k years ago then my ancestor at least had a part in paving Egyptian history. At that point Egyptians must have already been quite a mixed society.

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