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    Default Email Activation Codes

    Currently, there are some minor technical issues with the email activation code function. It's working, but at times, it has problems. Some email activation codes are not being sent properly to newly registered members. I'm not sure if it's because your email provider is inaccurately filtering the email activation codes as spam, if you may have written your email address inaccurately when you registered, or if it's a bug in the vBulletin forum software, causing this malfunction.

    If you're in the "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation" list, and you have not yet received an email activation code, you can manually request a new email activation code to your email address, through this link:

    Nota bene, the default email in the link is [email protected] which is not your email address and you shouldn't send email activation codes to it. Provide the same email address you registered your username with, and click on the "Email Activation Codes" button. If it doesn't send you an activation code, try again in 30 minutes. If you still aren't getting an activation code, send me a message from the email you registered your username with, to [email protected] and I'll activate your username manually.

    I made it possible for users awaiting email confirmation to post on the forum, with their posts being moderated before published in the threads. I will remove this soon, however, so if you want to be able to post on the forum, you will have to activate your email one way or the other.

    Hope that helps.

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