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Thread: Kazan Tatars (Tatarstan, Russia, CIS states)3652 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by superhorn View Post
    The Chuvash language is by far the most aberrant Turkic language, and the only one which is totally unintelligible
    to other Turkic people. You can recogize some isolated words as Turkic, but it is so radically different as to be barely recognizable as a Turkic language . Even the distant Yakut language of northern Siberia, while somewhat different from other Turkic languages , is still very similar and shares much basic vocabulary and grammar with Anatolian Turkish, for example .
    some say a language of turkisized eastern finns, whereas others say the only remnant of hunnic, whereas nobody knows what hunnic was. The latter say that Chuvash/'hunnic' was an very early altaian split called LIR turkic, much older than common turkic. Finally some argue for a remnant of a separate altaian language. And that are not nearly all views on this issue.
    For my taste the creole language theories has its charm.

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