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Thread: Theft in capitalism is now a norm?2941 days old

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    Do you think it was that common? I dont know. I suppose psychology and science made it more 'professional' hence more vile. I would like to investigate though how it went to such a scale.

    There are (or were till recently) some niches which are still free of this, which suggests that the opposite is possible. For example, musical instruments business. Its unfortunatelly going down too, but still on some fields its fair and quite open. You know what you buy, why you pay that etc.

    Mass trade however is polluted with this. My main concern is not even the existence, not even the scale, but lack of reaction of us. Its just considered normal. I would see it interesting to see someone to sue some big telecom compnay for 'small print cheat.

    Come on, we all know that the point and aim of small print is to make you miss/misunderstand something which will make you using the service more/longer/ to bigger extend that you want to. If you sent an invitation for a dinner to your friends and wrote on the other side in small print that they would have to help you move house next week in return, it would be the last dinner with these friends in your life. But with a company- you just shrugs arms 'typical' and go ahead.

    Its annoying.
    Am I right or am I wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwestos View Post
    Corporations have fair share, but yuppie mentality do not 'encopurage' people to work harder, it forces them to be brutal and forces them to be 'succesfull', ruthless and hedonistic. It looks nice on telly, limos, champagne and reverbed beach boys songs played for hot chicks in bikini, but it all has other side.

    Obviously, its about principles, no time and place for us to discuss that anyway, what do you think is it good that you go to a shop and buy a mobile phone and must be carefull cause there is a trap waiting for you almost for sure?
    In my mind yupi mentality is about being honest. In most Business Schools they teach ethics.
    The corruption starts when the government help some companies to excel, when it should be the free market the determinative factor. The best survive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kwestos View Post
    Do you like it? Or someone taking the piss in your face giving you something 'for free' or selling you a small bit of yoghurt in 3 times bigger box.

    Just answer, you like it or not. No "I dont know" option please
    No, i dont like it.

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    @Kwestos: You should buy to small companies, small companies have better product than the big Makes. It cost a little more but you are buying a better product and helping honest people, most small companies are family based.

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