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Thread: Vegetarianism2898 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven123 View Post
    Vegan "Gains" aka Stains also filmed his grandfather as he was dying from a heart attack and posted it on youtube- so I don't buy the satire crap this guy is legitimately fucked. He is basically a social outcast who has problems forming friendships or connections with people hence his obsession with animals. No matter how bat shit insane and socially inept you are once you buy a dog for instance it cannot really leave you.
    Vegan Gains obviously has some mental issues (he sterilized himself for example, lol). That said, it doesn't matter if he's mentally ill or bat shit crazy and so on; his arguments which must be judged on their own, are solid when it comes to the nutritional and environmental superiority of veganism. And that's really all that matters about veganism.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
    elias when a person gets cancer it is very unappropriate to talk like that to him/her no matter how the person got it . there needs to be some empathy
    I agree it was rude/impolite/insensitive and so on, however, Vegan Gains was just pointing out the hypocrisy, that's all. Here's the clip btw:

    Furious Pete has Cancer Again - My Thoughts:

    Man that must suck, to get cancer in both your balls and have to remove both your cojones. But again, he brought it all on himself by eating ridiculous amounts of meat (I'm not making it up when I say animal protein is carcinogenic).

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
    I dont think animal food is poison .
    You do your homework on nutrition, and you'll change your mind afterwards

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
    eggs are actually healthy and fish for example too especially salmon . honey has also benefits .
    Well honey is just bee vomit, so it's technically not an animal food. I mean if I only ate soybeans and bananas and drank a lot of water for like a month straight, and every day vomited like half of it, would you classify my vomit as "animal food"? Some autistic vegans are against eating honey though, personally I never liked honey, but honey syrup tastes much better, however, when I do use such sweetener, I prefer maple syrup or agave syrup (they really taste much better). I'm not a fan of raw honey but yeah, I agree it has some health benefits. Bees in general are a very important insect species, and Monsanto's GMO crap is killing them, so that's a problem.

    As for eggs and fish, no, eggs aren't healthy, because they're basically cholesterol bombs. Very bad. In fact, eggs aren't allowed to be promoted/advertised as healthy in the US, precisely due to the high levels of cholesterol. And that's in spite of the fact that the egg yolk contains pretty much all the essential nutrients except for vitamin C. That's how unhealthy dietary cholesterol is.

    And fish is also not healthy due to all the levels of heavy metals and all the other pollution our industries have been dumping in the seas. And like eggs, fish also contain dietary cholesterol and carcinogenic animal protein and so on. Personally, I've never liked fish. I thought fish was repulsive from the first time I smelled it, I was like, yuck, what the hell is that smell? And they look so ancestrally primitive too, given that we evolved from fish, which yet again makes it all the more repulsive to eat fish. It's beyond me how people can eat fish. Bad taste however, is a favorite among mainstream thinkers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
    I personally eat too much animal food especially in the last years . and I think too much of it is unhealthy but if I ate too little of it I would feel unhealthy too . and weak too .
    This is just a popular myth. I train my pecs with 45 kg per dumbbell in the gym, on a vegan diet. It's just a nonsensical caricature that you're going to be a weakling if you go vegan, and that real strength comes from eating meat and drinking milk and so on, as if the protein in animal foods is somehow magical or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
    as a vegan you have to take supplements . good that we agree .
    Not really. I've been on multivitamin supplements for over 20 years now. I do it more as an old habit and because I'm fanatic about nutrition Given that I'm an advanced nutritionist, enlightened biohacker and expert dietician, if I wanted to, I could of course do veganism with no multivitamin supplements whatsoever. But why? It's just more practical to pop a solid quality multivitamin pill, and it also shaves off a lot of calories too, given that you otherwise have to eat this and that much from various ingredients to reach the RDI. So as far as I'm concerned, multivitamins saves you a lot of money and calories.

    I honestly think people who are anti-supplements are totally backwards. Supplements and veganism are definitely the future, especially due to all the nutritional depletion of modern industrial farming (hence why modern fruits and vegetables are far less nutrient dense than they were 100 years ago and so on). So it's the other way around: if you think you don't need multivitamin supplements just because you eat meat, eggs and dairy, you're misinformed

    Quote Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
    I still dont think it is a natural way of eating for us but if you are happy and healthy with it then I am glad
    The irony here, is that veganism is actually our natural way of eating You can argue that supplements aren't natural, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Appeal to nature fallacies are of course popular among meat eaters too btw
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaron View Post
    Anatolian Urhemait supporters are mostly butthurt Meds.
    For the lulz:
    Quote Originally Posted by drgs View Post
    Poland is a misunderstanding. It is a country which lies on the frontier between western and slavic world, and which combines elements of both.
    In fact, they are not even the Europeans in strict sense, meaning European as in bearing the responsibility and understanding of European interests. Poland has always been an subordinate country, on one side sucking German dick, on the other side -- Russian one, some kind of "novice" europeans, who are full of inferiority complexes, hysteria and obsessity neuroses. This is also true for all Baltic countries

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    the cholestrol thing with eggs has been disproven . eggs are healthy . the cholestrol thing is a myth

    I like fish a lot I dont understand how you can not like it . but to each heir own

    btw. pete got cancer mainly due to being genetically prone to it . if it was because of animal food then me and many men would have testicle cancer by now

    I dont think veganism is our natural way of eating . back then people didnt have the privilege to chose that much what they can eat anyway ....if you had to kill an animal to eat to survive you didnt say "oh no I rather eat 10kg of broccoli" . I think a balanced diet is the best

    btw. what do you say about this ? :

    Kurdish People Gallery -

    bronze age modelling g25 :

    "fit": 2.4371,

    "Greek_Crete": 70.83,
    "IRN_Ganj_Dareh_N": 25.83,
    "Oroqen": 2.5,
    "Karitiana": 0.83,
    "Simulated_AASI": 0,


    "fit": 2.5743,

    "Iranian_Mazandarani": 62.5,
    "Greek_Crete": 37.5,

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasAlucard View Post
    I do vegan bodybuilding, and the reason I do supplements aside from B12 and D3 (and other vitamins), is because it's cheaper and more practical that way, and it's actually superior to get your vitamins through pills (especially if it's methylcobalamin and methylfolate). Good luck getting as much B12 as I get with your non-supplements approach Moreover and more importantly, eating meat doesn't mean you shouldn't take multivitamin supplements, and I've been on multivitamin supplements pretty much daily since I was 11. Personally, I think people who reject supplements, are iGnorant or retarded.

    I sense a strong pro-meat bias in your arguments though. You're like trying to portray veganism as this mission impossible diet and animal foods as easier, superior and so on. What's your motivation behind this sort of reasoning? Are you just misinformed or do you have a conservative/traditional/alt-right agenda on diet?

    Well it's not just that non-vegan diets have deficiencies, but they're actually, really inferior, in pretty much every single way, because first of all, animal protein is carcinogenic whereas vegan protein isn't, and that's a scientific fact. Get a load of this:

    You can read the study here:

    Low Protein Intake Is Associated with a Major Reduction in IGF-1, Cancer, and Overall Mortality in the 65 and Younger but Not Older Population:

    This has of course been known for a long time. The China Study for example, concluded that casein (80% of the protein in milk and 100% of the protein in cheese) is seriously carcinogenic (and it's probably also why the Nordic and other Germanic countries have the highest breast and prostate cancer statistics in the world). Red meat is also carcinogenic and so on. Perhaps the most important reason why animal protein is so carcinogenic, I'd say, is probably due to the high levels of leucine (vegan protein has adequate levels of leucine). Google "leucine + cancer" as a case in point.

    And that's just cancer. If you're a non-smoker and want cancer, I suggest eating meat and dairy. Aside from cancer, ALL animal foods, contain cholesterol, and we humans being animals, produce all the cholesterol we need on our own (you know, that's why meat, eggs and dairy contain cholesterol in the first place). We shouldn't eat cholesterol, but rather, phytosterols (much healthier for us). Why is excluding cholesterol important you ask? Because eating too much of it (especially in combination with saturated fat) gives you a heart attack or a stroke eventually.

    That said, I couldn't care less if people ate themselves to death. Earth is overpopulated anyway, and it's a good thing that people die off from cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. Problem is, eating meat and dairy, is not only destroying non-human biodiversity, but it's also killing the biosphere. Most meat eaters are of course in denial about this, but it's a fact and it's really the most important reason why animal foods should be outlawed.

    What's there to imagine? Vegan diets are superior, and more than enough adequate to maintain and improve health, I don't follow you here. You talk as if vegan diets are inferior when in reality, they're actually superior (and besides, veganism is NOT a diet, because veganism isn't really about calorie control and such, just rejecting animal foods).

    It's not that difficult to reach all the RDI levels on a vegan diet, and that even without multivitamins. First of all, "you have to take supplements" is not a valid argument. I understand that it's a favorite argument among meat eaters to use this one in a debate, given that you guys need all the rhetorical ammunition you can get, but it's just not a valid argument, in part because in the past, before industrialization and such, people got B12 from eating carrots and tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables, because they didn't wash their vegetables like they do today. And back then, there was no such thing as ozone depletion, and you could be in the sun all day and get tanned without getting skin cancer.

    And anyway, dairy products are often enriched with retinol, B12 and D3, as is soy milk, so if you're really worried about supplements when there's no rational reason to be, just buy fortified soy milk.

    We're not omnivores and we did not evolve on eating meat and other animal organs. The fact that our early homo ancestors ate meat, doesn't mean that's the sort of diet we evolved on, because there's millions of years of primate evolution previous to the homo stage, and it was pretty much vegan (just look at chimps and lemures). If you fry a burger and give it to a cow, it will be able to digest it and get all the nutrients it contains; doesn't mean cows have evolved on eating meat. Nutrition is nutrition and obviously, humans and most other animals can digest it regardless of what source it comes from (animal, fungus or plant).

    Anyone who says we evolved eating meat, really doesn't know what he's talking about, and is completely clueless on both evolution and nutrition. There are only two essential fatty acids, as a case in point: omega-6 LA and omega-3 ALA (the fish oil varieties of omega-3 are first of all, vegan in origin, from algae, and second of all, not essential), and both LA and ALA are, get this, found in vegan sources. And the fact that we need to eat as much dietary fiber as we do (minimum RDI for men, 38 g per day and 28 g per day for women), says it all that we didn't evolve on an omnivorous diet. Omnivorous diet would mean that omega-9 (oleic acid) and some saturated fatty acid would probably be essential too, that we would need much less fiber and also that we'd look far different in our teeth and anatomy.

    Also, "balanced diet" is a misunderstanding among mainstream thinkers / meat eaters; a balanced diet does not mean "a little bit of everything, including meat". A real, serious balanced diet, excludes all animal products and keeps the balance where it really matters, such as, 2 times more potassium than sodium, 3 times more omega-6 linoleic acid than omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, adequate intake of all the essential amino acids (which can be done quite perfectly from strict vegan sources), no more than 20 grams of saturated fat and so on. That's balance. But a real balanced diet is obviously too difficult for "normal people", so that's why there's this misunderstanding that a "balanced diet" is defined by animal to plant ratio or something along those lines.

    Vegan bodybuilder 1 hour a day, and if it is, AGAIN, try to do the things i said.

    And again, to reach and match animal food AA you need to mix different and more quantity vegetal protein source.

    Let me say one thing, off all the diets studied and practiced by the pops, the Mediterranean diet is considered the most balanced and healthy for all human biological markers, I know what I speak my friend, I have been studying nutrition for 4 years, and guess what, food of animal origin are included.

    If you sense me a strong pro-meat bias, what could I say about you?

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