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Thread: What would really happen if superman reversed the earth's rotation?2876 days old

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    Default What would really happen if superman reversed the earth's rotation?

    in an effort to turn back time..would he just kill us all?
    Time Travel is possible because we move foreward in time every second of the day.

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    What would happen if superman reversed the earth’s spin?

    1. The sun would rise in the West and set in the East.

    2. The four seasons would change: winter becomes summer, spring becomes autumn.

    3. The Far East becomes the new Western world. : And chinky eyes, flat faces and straight black hair become the new progressive and popular Westernized look.

    4. Bears fall asleep/hibernate in the middle of summer and wake up to look for food in winter only to find nothing so they go back to sleep again.

    5. Migrating animals get their directions all messed up - trail looks familiar but something tells them that they are going north even though they intend to go south. So they turn around and go back south again only to change their minds when they realize that it was the North that they wanted to head to even if it means they have to travel south for it.

    6. Salmon, instead of swimming up the rivers in North America, end up migrating up the Yangtze River in China and start wondering to themselves, "Why the hell is this water so brown and mucky ?"

    7. Panda bears in China learn how to catch Salmon and so forsake their diet of bamboo shoots.

    8. And in Canada the Grizzly bears learn to eat bamboo shoots and soon forget about their previous diet of salmon.

    9. A typical working week would start on Friday and go backwards to end on Monday.

    10. The South Pole becomes the North Pole and the North Pole becomes the South Pole.

    11. Leopard seals and penguins in the South Pole have to migrate north to the other pole in order to continue living at the South Pole. And vice versa with the polar bears at the current north pole.

    12. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) becomes SATO.

    13. Nuclear missiles now get disoriented by the new East/West directions. Countries point their missiles wrongly at other friendly nations : For instance, the US at France, France at the UK, China at Russia, Russia at North Korea, North Korea at Rwanda , Rwanda at the Vatican, and the Vatican at Greenland.

    14. The winds change directions change due to the changing of the magnetic pole and this brings regular rainfall to North Africa and so the desserts disappear. The Arab nations start producing food for themselves and stop producing oil – the North American grain industry goes bust and the price of oil goes up.

    15. The owners of racing pigeons lose their birds, their sport crashes, and superman gets sued a billion dollars.



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