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Thread: Northern European Archaeology, the first millennium2477 days old

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    Finland was not a Viking country, but still numerous Viking swords have been found here, more than from England and Denmark. History is beliefs, it is values of our hearts, not intellectualism and logical reasoning. Today metal detectors have recovered more than we want to believe.. Top countries of found Viking swords

    Norway over 2000
    Sweden 600-700
    Finland over 400

    Keeping in mind that the Finnish population during the Viking Age was only one third of the Swedish population, this is shocking. But this is nothing to be amazed, the population genetic will reveal much more after we forget our delusions. I have now tested new Sigtuna samples from the late Viking Age Sweden. According the original study one of those samples belongs to I-Z74 and my tests confirms that he was 25% Finnish. Taking into account the demographic history in Finland, he could have been fully Finnish too.

    Here a new article, unfortunately Google refuses to translate it, because it is probably protected by the publisher.


    Finland is on the second place in the list of genuine ULFBERHT's, Norway 44, Finland 31.
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    H39 - Thracia 1650 BC, Hungary 5000 BC
    I1 - Transdanubia 5000 BC

    Three simple facts about Finns:
    1. Baltic Finnic languages (including Finnish) never came from the Volga basin along with ancestors of present-day Finns.
    2. Finnish I1 (around 30% of all Finns) has Germanic roots from the late Bronze Age or the early Iron Age.
    3. As to the Finnish prehistory we have no evidences about any Iron Age (or later) east-to-west migration, but many unquestionable evidences about west-to-east migrations.

    Väinämöinen - R1a
    Lemminkäinen - I1
    Joukahainen - N

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