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Thread: Greek Army2795 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by adsız View Post
    what are their slogans here ? can you please translate for me ?
    oyk oyk oyk oyk (oyk= team of underwater destruction=special forces)
    Greek you are born, you never become
    your blood we will drink, you pig albanian, you pig albanian
    oyk oyk oyk etc..

    the guy who was responcible for the racist and hatefull yells of the group got military court, as he deserved, i strongly dissagree with his actions.
    the greek army in general dissaproves these types of behaviours, but the special forces have many ultra-nationalists in their ranks and there are various slogans for all our potential enemies.

    the real reason behind the lines was some law which was to be voted about greek citizenship, which would allow albanians (or their children) to become greeks, the nationalists were really annoyed cause they believed that this was done for political reasons (votes).
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    I think even if they don't want to reduce their army. They will be force to do so. because EU force them to do so to keep feeding Greece or because they will finish bankrupt if not.

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