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Thread: Rule 1.8.2 (split) //admin3526 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decimator View Post
    I agree with your point, and the good intentions of your rule. But honestly I think it's backfiring. Let's take a look.

    The first dude I remember that was suspended for something like this was sturmgewehr. He speculated about bleck's identity. But then again it turned out it was indeed a sockpuppet. Same here, 3 members speculated about Osiris and it turned out to be true.

    The result? 4 innocent members punished together with the trolls, even if less so.

    I see it this way: if someone really wants to remain anonymous and not troll, he'd be more caution. Sundiata has a very peculiar style of insulting and writing (Bantu boy, recessive cracker, wetback messican, sand nigger, eurocentrist fag, etc etc. ) I don't think he actually wanted to stay anonymous rehashing the same old bullshit he uses in his debates on all forums.

    So basically, if someone really wanted to remain anonymous for whatever reasons, he's most likely to be a civilized and calm member, unlike obvious trolls.

    By the way, in case you don't know, Sundiata is online right now under another older sockpuppet. PM me if you want to know the username, you know, so I won't get supended by saying it in public.
    It's not backfiring. I understand your concern. You're of the opinion that if someone was right about a sockpuppet account, I should let him off the hook.

    But that's not how this rule works. Two things this rule doesn't do:

    1) Protect sockpuppets (if that really was the case, Kid From Timbuktu, Osiris and Venom wouldn't be banned).

    2) Differentiate between actual sockpuppet accounts that are accused of being sockpuppets or innocent members that are accused of being sockpuppets.

    The primary purpose with this rule is to protect the privacy of members by reprimanding those members who speculate about other members' identities; the most common identity speculation is of course forum accounts; very few members here know actual IRL identity information about other members, so that's why we don't see that often someone post real names and home addresses. You might think it's more serious if someone posts real names about other members, but the principle is basically the same.

    It's just not okay to do this, speculate i.e., about someone being someone else. You shouldn't do this publicly. You are allowed to discuss it with me in private if you have any suspicion a member might be trolling with other accounts, but when you decide to post on the forum for others to read, "this account is actually that account", you're really not respecting the privacy of said member. And it's a principle that you should respect the privacy of other members, even if it's something as innoccuous as another forum account.

    Many of these speculations are often false alerts, and they can damage the reputation and credibility of a member if other members start believing it.

    I don't want to see any speculation about some member being another member. It's not relevant to the topic and it might be breach of privacy and if so you could say it's harassment.

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    Guys, what's the big deal? It's not like we're not allowed to report sockpuppets, we still report it to the admin. The rule is gay, but there's no need to get your panties in a bunch over it. Just PM an admin.
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