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Thread: Why does the 'Left' always lose to 'Capitalism' (Liberalism)?2750 days old

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    Default Why does the 'Left' always lose to 'Capitalism' (Liberalism)?

    Why does the Left always lose to Capitalism (Liberalism)?

    Why? I truly wonder this. How do Liberals, Conservatives, Moderates, and Far-Right always win or become integrated while the far left or real left never do? What's wrong with the Left so to speak? Why do they always fail?

    Here are some basic arguments of the Left none of which add up if you accept the basic premise of their argument that "if only the Left could organize and become methodical then it could and would win." (Communist Russia, Communist China, Pol Pot, all were organized and methodical anti-wealth Left movements and all lost to Capitalism. Even Vietnam has "gone Capitalist" as of late.)

    10 Reasons Why The Upper Class Fosters and Encourages Idealism and Sentimentalism on the Left

    Posted on April 1, 2012

    1) The upper class has a vested interest in an idealistic, quixotic, impractical left.

    2) The upper class uses its mass media instruments to paint a picture of an aloof, overly idealistic, left.

    3) The upper class fears practical, pragmatic, socialism and thus they encourage visions of an overly sentimental left.

    4) The upper class understands that the idealistic left will forever be trapped in its own idealism; this is why they encourage it.

    5) The idealistic left will never be able to challenge capitalism in any real political sense; the challenge requires practicality and methodical planning.

    6) The capitalist media encourages a picture of leftists as mere idealistic romantics, because they fear the rise of the systematic, organized, left.

    7) The upper class promotes visions of a dreamy left, that only sings and dances, because they are terrified of an active, methodical form of socialism.

    8) The upper class attempts to paint the left as mere romantics and sentimentalists, because they know that a methodical form of socialism will crush capitalism.

    9) The upper class attempts to sway the image of the left in the eyes of the masses, favoring lovey-dovey representations over deeply pragmatic and organizational ones.

    10) The upper class loves painting the left as a rag-tag army of idealists in the eyes of the masses because an organized left will squash capitalism!

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