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Thread: When did ABF become Afrocentrist Biodiversity Forum?2492 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by MnM View Post
    Yea yea yea enough of your holier than thou autistic bullshit.
    You can normally gauge the complexity of someone's character and wisdom based on their artistic preferences. It's the way it works.

    Not my fault most of you have shit brains compared to your predecessors, hence why you can only consume shallow entertainment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasAlucard View Post
    So post more STEM then? Why didn't you post in the black hole thread? How come you haven't posted in the Interstellar thread?

    You don't get it man. Anthrogayica is a boring forum. It basically centers around Y-DNA autism. They don't even allow political discussions there, and very little free speech. Anthrogayica is the best discussion forum on the planet, for Y-DNA discussions, and that's not really something anyone cares about. Even population genetics is irrelevant to most people, especially after the novelty wears off. And that's why it's such a gay forum for boring autists. There are far more genuinely interesting topics to discuss than our Y-chromosomes you know.

    The problem here isn't the Negrocentrics and their stupid black Egypt bullshit; that stuff has always been an entertaining side show debate over the years. The problem here is this inbred anthro community. When ABF got hacked, you guys showed how weak you were. So some of you went around being full time clowns on Aprishitty, because that forum literally has no rules and much less any moderation, so shitposting became your new thing. Another group of ABF members were more interested in something as boring as Y-DNA (which actually is an irrelevant discussion altogether; the only really relevant Y-DNA discussions is linking a handful of haplogroups to 2-3 language families), and that's all they care about on Anthrogayica, so some of ABF's genetics crowd concentrated there after the hacking drama was over. The problem is not, and never was, the black Egypt members. The problem was all along the white members, and this showed when you guys became distracted with a Y-DNA incel forum and a clown forum.

    Paraphrasing the ancient Greek philosopher Pericles:

    “Geeks like to think that they can iGnore politics; you can leave politics alone, but politics won’t leave you alone.” — Richard Stallman

    ^^ And that's how it works. We need a serious forum that allows some lulz and where we combine political discussions with population genetics and other STEM discussions, and that's exactly what ABF has always been meant for.

    ABF has never been and never will be a genetics only forum, and especially not a Y-DNA forum. We discuss all sorts of topics related to anthropology and life in general on this forum, which also includes politics, and quite frankly, political discussions is a million times more important than Y-DNA subclade discussions, because politics literally affects everyone.

    I agree, 100%. Stick around, I actually have some plans for you on this exact issue. I have such a software project in mind, which we could collaborate on. And @DragonRouge is a software developer too, but she doesn't do open source so we can't count on her on this one. As far as I'm concerned, it must be open source, and hardcore FOSS at that, which is the GPLv3 license (2 clause BSD, MIT, Apache v2.0 and similar permissive licenses are all half-assed open source).

    Word up. I suggest you stop being a joke and not post there, lol.

    That's great, do your part then by being more active here; be the change you want to see
    Broham, I agree the forum should not be just based on genetics as when we first started having these forums genetics was in a golden age. Italready went through its golden age and now neuroscience is in a golden age and that politics and other lulz things are cool. But Ancient black Egypt as been disproved. Also, I did not perceive anthrogenica as Y-DNA focus as they released stuff like more enhanced DIY dodecad with nMonte and NMonte2,, admixture studio 12 and some cool stuff from some French user Tolan. Tolan, along with Stanford University and UCLA were able to pinpoint my ancestry to the UK unlike AncestryDNA who has me as 'Irish' and the amateur tools created by Greeks, Polaks and Lithunians at GEDmatch which had me chasing my tail like a cat. You were lucky to know you were Assyrian and to be around when MacDonald was doing plots -- I was not ! I think AncestryDNA is crap except for the raw data and geneology ! With their ancestry breakdowns it seems they try to give everyone at least a bit of Irish and Scandinavian.

    Also, two Italian Americans helped me colloquially-- one said I look like a WASP and another said I look British. As well. as one Irishwoman, from TheApricity saying I don't look Irish.

    Also, anthrogenica did some really cool stuff like plot me with ancient Gladiator in York England (now that is really British!).

    The focus on the OpenBSD and Linux forums are Linux and OpenBSD -- it gets shit done. The site LinuxQuestions is focuses on helping people with Linux with subforums for BSD it is not autistic because every forum needs a focus.

    You say politics won't ignore me -- well , yeah, mistaking myself as an Irishman can have serious political implications -- you heard of the the IRA ? The troubles in Northern Ireland ?

    See your signature Polaks like Polako and and Lukasz and the other most of the other amateurs at GEDmatch could only confuse me. In a rootless cosmopolitan egoist society it is good to know your roots.

    Also, your server : "Email has failed its domain’s authentication requirements warning " so it is any wonder I went to the other forums after the hacking ? Compound this with I got locked out of my other emails and did not use keepassX. You can't even get new members from mainstream sites like Yahoo and Gmail as it ignores these emails for registration. You are not running a professional site my Nukka !
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