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Thread: Phenotype images from humanphenotypes.net59 days old

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    Default Phenotype images from

    I made these images using ImageMagick and other command line utilities:

    Here are links to the page for each of the 38 basic types featured in the images above:

    Europe: Lappid, Nordid, East Europid, Alpinid, Dinarid, Mediterranid
    West Eurasia and Central Asia: Orientalid, Armenoid, Turanid
    South Asia: Indid, Indo Melanid, Veddid
    East Eurasia: Sibirid, Ainuid, Tungid, Sinid, South Mongolid
    America: Eskimid, Silvid, Pacifid, Centralid, Margid, Lagid, Amazonid, Andid, Patagonid
    Oceania: Polynesid, Negritid, Melanesid, Australid
    Africa: Ethiopid, Nilotid, Sudanid, Congolid, Bantuid, Bambutid, Khoid, Sanid

    Here are different sub-Saharan African types:

    Here are Europid types with blonde or fairly light-colored hair:

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