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View Poll Results: Where do you believe the proto-Afro-Asiatic urheimat was?

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  • In the northern Middle East (Fertile Crescent), like Elias says

    32 27.59%
  • In Anatolia

    2 1.72%
  • In Arabia

    2 1.72%
  • In the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and surroundings)

    33 28.45%
  • In Chadic speaking regions, since the Chadic branch has most languages

    1 0.86%
  • Around the Red Sea

    20 17.24%
  • Nile Valley

    5 4.31%
  • Eastern Sahara

    5 4.31%
  • I don't have an opinion

    14 12.07%
  • Martin Bernal's Black Athena!

    2 1.72%
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Thread: The proto-Afro-Asiatics were proto-Caucasoids from the Fertile Crescent (Mashriq)1878 days old

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    As for my own thoughts on this subject: the way I see it, the only way for Afroasiatic to have originated in the Levant is if modern Afroasiatic speakers resemble these pre-Natufian people:

    So far the evidence doesn’t look very promising. Based on the facial landmarks used in this study, Ohalo II doesn’t resemble closely any modern population. All modern samples, even the modern Middle Eastern sample, are closer to UP Europeans, Iberomaurusians and Upper Cave, than they are to Ohalo. Also, in the dendrograms Ohalo consistently forms an outgroup to all or most living humans.

    The distinctiveness of pre-Natufians like Ohalo also seems to be supported by genetics. Natufians differ substantially from all farmers in their relationships to Eurasians by being more distant (see Lazaridis et al 2016). Since all these farmers have Basal Eurasian in common, this distance must lie in Natufians’ non-Basal Eurasian ancestry. Since Natufians are mostly Basal Eurasian + WHG-like, their WHG-like ancestry (which is probably related to Ohalo and other pre-Natufians) is the most likely source of this distinctiveness.

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