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Thread: Where did the Phoenicians come from?2427 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awale View Post
    lol. I love how all of your "evidence" relies on old anthropological studies that were at times trying to claim the ruling classes of the Middle East were "Nordic" or "European" in origin and how you show us literally no genetic studies- autosomal, mtDNA or Y DNA or otherwise and if you do there's a whole lot of retarded conjecture about. And those Arabians with dark skin that you're showing people have probably been tested to some extent as they exist in Yemen (a place that has been genetically studied well enough) in some abundance like with Tihamas or Mehris (but eh, I could be wrong but like I showed you with the rest of the Middle East and in all honesty Arabians in general- literally zero non-extremely ancient & East African influence).

    To my knowledge even a member of the royal house of Saudi Arabia was "dark skinned" (like Tihamas and Soqotris are to some extent), this is just a normal Arabian trait unless you can prove otherwise beyond:


    & of course your exceedingly brilliant picture spamming... >_>

    But ahh, man. You're giving me and I'm guessing perhaps a few other members some damn good laughs.
    Well black Americans want to escape from their real ancestors WEST AFRICAN BANTUS cause they are ashamed of them and despise them. Very sad.

    They think they can choose and pick their ancestors as long they can label them as black.
    Black Americans say braindead nonsense like that: Ancient Egyptians were black so WE BUILD THE PYRAMIDES. They ignore the fact that not all Africans, black people or dark skinned people are their ancestors. So regardless whether the Egyptians, Hebrews, Arabs were black they are still not the ancestors of black Americans.

    The point is this desperate Afrocentric with the nickname King cherry picked pics that are black and white. Some of these tribes could have East African admixture but regardless of that these people were grilled by the sun. Being tanned, dark-skinned due to heat and sun doesn't turn someone into a negro. Old black and white pics makes these people look even darker. Keep in mind that the picture don't show ancient Arabs but already Arabs from the 19th and 20 th century and these pics don't prove that ancient Arabs were black.

    Furthermore this desperate black American Afrocentric pretends as if braided hair and dreadlocks are a negroid trait and not just a hairstyle. Africans or negroid people don't have a monopoly on braiding hair.

    Many ancient people even in Europe braided their hair. In addition to that there are many african tribes that traditionally don't braid their hair at all. I have seen many close up Assyrian relief where you see that the braided hair was not nappy or kinky but Caucasian weavy or curled.

    Afrocentrics that are mostly black Americans started with ancient Egyptians were black and now they claim that the real Hebrews, Arabs, Moors, Assyrians, Mesopotamians, Persians, ancient Chinese, Japanese, Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, native Americans and even the VIKINGS etc were all black:
    They also trick people cause they know people today associate braids, dark-skin with the negroid race despite the fact that pigmentation alone doesn't determine race.

    According Afrocentrics and black Americans this German man is a negro cause he has dreadlocks:

    However there are and were so called black Arabs but these Arabs emigrated from East Africa to Arabia or were brought as Subsaharan slaves to Arabia. Afrocentrics misrepresent this fact by claiming that black negroid Arabs were the original real native Arabs from the peninsula and not Subsaharan African by origin.

    Here ancient reliefs almost 3000 years old that depicted Arabs:

    The goal of Afrocentrics is to trick people into thinking that the ancient Near and Middle Easterners were negroes like them and their people. They want to make people believe that the today Middle Easterners have nothing to do with the ancient Mesopotamians, Assyrians, Arabs, Phoenicians etc. Afrocentrics often contradict themselves since they change their made up stories all the time. They claim that today Arabs are all Turk- mulattoes a product of mass rape of the Ottomane. The Turks conquered Arabia 16th century and the invading Turks were too small in numbers to change the ethnicity of the Arabs dramatically. They go now a step futher and say that native Anatolians and Turks were black too. The afrocentric list of people and countries that were all black is getting longer and longer each year. That alone proves that Afrocentrics don't care about facts, science, history or culture but only about identity theft in order to hijack ancient achievements for claiming them as theirs.

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