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Thread: Italian, Sicilian, and Greek 23andme results!1475 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinbrook View Post
    I've got some news. A Sicilian whose parents came from the Palermo region of northwestern Sicily - specifically the towns of Collesano and Montemaggiore Belsito - matches 6 people of full Ashkenazic Jewish heritage plus 4 people of partial Ashkenazic heritage on a particular segment, and transmitted the segment to her son Christian Aimone who has been talking about this in GEDmatch's forum. This confirms that Jewish DNA is present in more than one region of Sicily. That is what I had already suspected, especially as Palermo was known for a Jewish population centuries ago.

    A thorough search did not come up with any Sephardic Jewish, Iberian, or Latin American matches to this segment, unlike one of the other segments.

    It could possibly be also due to shared Levantine input in all of them, but I do think up to 10% of Palermo was once Jewish.

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