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Thread: Were Relations Between Neanderthals And Humans Hostile or Friendly1413 days old

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    Its not possible that they were friendly. That would be romantic and unrealistic assumption

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    Quote Originally Posted by IstenmeyenTuy View Post
    Its not possible that they were friendly. That would be romantic and unrealistic assumption
    Well it's not like there were warriors and warfare back then. Most likely men were horny and would fuck anything in those days, and who knows, they might have found Neanderthal women attractive or something, or vice versa (since it's we who have 1-4% Neanderthal admixture, it's quite likely that some Neanderthal males got very turned on by human women). And it could also be that human males got very tribal when they noticed Neanderthal males having sex with our women, and exterminated them over it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaron View Post
    Anatolian Urhemait supporters are mostly butthurt Meds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drgs View Post
    Poland is a misunderstanding. It is a country which lies on the frontier between western and slavic world, and which combines elements of both.
    In fact, they are not even the Europeans in strict sense, meaning European as in bearing the responsibility and understanding of European interests. Poland has always been an subordinate country, on one side sucking German dick, on the other side -- Russian one, some kind of "novice" europeans, who are full of inferiority complexes, hysteria and obsessity neuroses. This is also true for all Baltic countries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lol_Race View Post
    You don't know what you're talking about. There are plenty of Neanderthal genes in modern populations. Actually, the majority of the Neanderthal genome can be found spread around in modern populations. The suggestion that hybrid males were sterile is based on two observations. Firstly, the Neanderthal admixture on the X chromosome is just one fifth of the admixture on the autosomes. Animal studies have shown that male infertility genes are especially prominent on the X chromosome (males have just one X chromosome, females have two). Secondly, genes expressed in testes show less Neanderthal admixture than genes expressed in any other tissue, further confirming that the fertility of hybrid Neanderthal-AMH males was significantly reduced (if not completely lost).

    But, there is still clearly Neanderthal admixture in the autosomes, so hybrid females must have been fertile. And if the admixture initially occurred between Neanderhal males and AMH females, only the AMH mtDNA would be passed on to the hybrid females, who could then spread the Neanderthal genetic material to future humans. Males from future generations who inherited Neanderthal ancestry on certain X chromosomal genes, or genes expressed in testes, continued to experience reduced fertility, all the way to the present day.
    Genes are in any part of your DNA thus they would be in any and all tissue of anyperson,so Neanderthal showing up less in testees doesn't make any sense at all.For example geneticists are using your spit not testees to point you have Neaderthal admixture.

    Its ironic that you mention Neaderthal mtDNA hybrid expression would show up more in Neanderthal and Human hybrids, the funny thing is there has been no evidence of any Neanderthal mtDNA at all,I find it very hilarious because your point redundant.
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    However, recent computer models suggest the genetic similarities shared between Neanderthals and modern humans could also be due to the two species sharing a recent common ancestor rather than hybridization.

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