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    Quote Originally Posted by Montanini View Post
    They could claim (the White ones) but not sure that all of them are mostly of recent Euro background.

    I was checking the Census and between 1860-1940 (period with more Euro Immigration in the Americas) foreigns were more or less ~7% of Cuba Island (many times) so let's say for three generations and look that many of them were not Europeans [...] Other results show that between 1902 and 1931, 780,400 (60.8%) were from Spain, 197,600 (15.4%) from Haiti, 115,600 (9.0%) from Jamaica and 190,300 (14.8%) other countries. [...] compared with ~17,5% of Argentina (many generations) for sure at least 90% were Europeans in this time, ~13% of Uruguay, ~10% of United States (many generations also) and ~5% of Brazil (many generations), almost all immigrants in Brazil, Uruguay and United States were European also.
    Italian-Brazilian Mortara in ~1950 realized one study where in that time 58% of Argentina demography was due to the recent European origin, ~44% in United States and ~19% in Brazil (turned out in Brazil that it was more like 20-22% now probably because mortality in Negroes in that time was
    underestimated but you can see how much accurate the Mortara's study was in that time. Uruguay is very probably between Argentina and United States, but Uruguay actually received more Europeans before so the impact could be bigger. Cuba imo is probably somewhere between 18 and 32% recent Euro immigrant (32% if that 7% were only of Europeans and Negroes had bigger mortality like in Brazil, 18% if the opposite), for sure most of them aren't mostly of recent Euro background (1860 ==>), I would say only Argentina could be over 50% recent Euro nowaydays that it don't imply that 50% of them are fully Euro, remember that 80% European Messi is something like 3/4 recent Euro for example.

    Cuba was the Whitest Hispanic-American country in the Colonial times, my guess.

    Did you see the video of Jenny Lorenzo? She's Cuban and she's over 90% European, she has recent Spanish and French ancestry
    I think white Cubans have recent European ancestry, the thing is that these were most likely the ones who left the island and established themselves in America, because like I said, majority of the Cubans on 23andMe put a grandparent coming from Spain, from places like Galicia, Navarro, Catalan, Basque etc

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