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    Maalaala Mo Kaya : "Oto San" Episode

    Six-year-old Ambo grows up during the Japanese Occupation. Unwary of the cruelties his family experienced from the Japanese, Ambo forms a unique and paternal bond with a Japanese officer, Captain Mori. Ambo looks up to Captain Mori and sees him as a good person, until Ambo's ideals shatter when he witnesses Captain Mori execute a man.
    Episode Cast: Charo Santos / Gardo Versoza (Capt. Mori) / Cherry Pie Picache (Rosing) / Emilio Garcia / Allan Bautista / Kathleen Hermosa (Fe) / Cris Daluz (Crispin) / BJ Rodriguez / Jiro Manio (Ambo)

    Life story of Cornela "Angge" Lee

    ^Veteran Talent Manager

    Maalaala Mo Kaya: "Dinuguan" Episode

    In celebration of its first anniversary, "Maalaala Mo Kaya" features the story of respected talent manager and coordinator Cornelia "Angge" Lee. Before she became the respected 'Tita Angge' of the showbiz industry, she was Bebot, a tough movie fanatic whose passion helped her learn more about herself and her identity.
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