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Thread: Images of Brazil1954 days old

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    São Luiz do Paraitinga/SP

    The city was almost destroyed by a flood in 2010, damaging many of its historical buildings:

    It took some time, but the inhabitants rebuilt the city

    The main atraction of the city is the carnival:

    Other historical city in the interior (this time, in Minas Gerais state) known by its famous carnival is Ouro Preto:

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    Campinas is the most populous city in the interior of Brazil (not counting state capitals and cities within state capitals metropolitian regions), with a population of 1.154.617 inhabitants. It is the 14th most populous city in the whole country. The city is responsible for 15% of the country's scientific production, being the third largest scientific pole of Brazil.

    Despite the metropolis standard, there are some peaceful districts some miles from the downtown, such as Joaquim Egídio district, which holds many historical buildings:

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