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Thread: Is the Catholic church a church for paeodphiles?3332 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by valens View Post
    Does more for this world than any other religion? I don't know about that considering the mass murder the Catholic church has committed over the centuries and the recent molestation of children. Furthermore the church's stupid stance against life saving birth control. Not to mention the backward bronze age policies that have always been against anything progressive or scientific. All of the achievements in the western world are resultant of the age of enlightenment, if the church had its way we would be in the dark ages.

    Even if it has done more than other religions it doesn't say much. All religions do is suck the life, ingenuity and intellect from societies. A bronze age way of thinking in a modern society is pathetic. The sooner institutions like the Catholic Church die the better. The many reports published about the correlation between being religious and having a lower IQ compared to the non-religious exemplifies the usefulness of archaic institutions in cultivating human intellect..

    Hopefully there is a big fallout from these recent molestations and the Catholic Church dies, just like Thor, Ra and Zeus; however, this time people accept reason and logic as their religion, not fairy tales.
    What percentage of mass-murdering wackos were Catholic followers say during the past 200 years?

    Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Polpot, and many others were probably Atheists, or at least "Not Catholic" and certainly Communists who had much ideas like you of cracking down on religion.

    Hitler & his minions were probably not much for Catholicism either.

    Keep in mind 2/3rd's of Germany was Protestant, and that Catholics were victims of Nazism, including many Clergy, particularly famous ones like Max Kolbe, or Leon Stepniak an oldest survivor of Dachau for awhile.

    I fail to see how Catholics could possibly support killing Catholic clergy.

    A lot of the high ranking Nazis may have had Catholic origins, but not all, either.

    But, that's where the pattern ends, most high ranking Nazis I know of were supporters of Islam, Paganism, Mystics, Occult, Thule society, Theosophy society, Vril etc.

    It seems that yes, this includes Hitler too.

    As for some of the other "Genocidal maniacs"

    The British Empire was overwhelmingly Protestant, which perpetrated a number of terror famines amounting to obviously 10's of millions of deaths, where the British stole food from their colonies, against mostly India, but also Ireland, and Iran too.

    About the only massive genocide I can think of perpetrated by a majority Catholic country in the past 200 years is actually that by Belgium in the Congo.

    I don't even know how much that was about "Catholicism" as opposed to "Leopold's greed & power mongering"
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    One could argue it was sick people taking advantage of positions which others held with high esteem, allowing abuse to go unquestioned. Catholic church's priest celibacy policy certainly doesn't help the matter, but I think we'd all agree, that it's better the priest has a secret adult lover, as opposed to abusing kids.
    "Living or dying, it's not a big deal. What we should be concerned about is whether or not we're allowed to crawl to our graves."

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