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Thread: Obama Nominates 1st US Ambassador to Somalia Since 19911696 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samatar View Post
    Again posting irrelevant videos that has nothing to do with the OP is a rule break. Please once again troll elsewhere. Let's not discuss Obama's cousin or whether if I ''love Mubarak Hussein Oballah''.

    What makes you think the video I posted is irrelevant, Einstein? In fact, it could be argued that Oballah's cousin is an ambassador of sorts, that's how relevant it is.
    Once more, your behaviour pattern merely serves to highlight my point: Leftism is a mental disorder.

    Quote Originally Posted by MnM View Post
    Morocco is a western lapdog.
    Quote Originally Posted by NonFingo View Post
    Those Bronze Age samples are just red herrings to distract you from the actual arrivals of populations with Semitic ancestry. Don’t take the bait by focusing on the wrong samples, lol. He is passing off Bronze Age Levantines with no evidence of strong predynastic input, as “Semites“. This way, he can flip it around and say Proto-Semitic speakers and predynastics were more or less identical to the Bronze Age Levantines sampled so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by NonFingo View Post
    @Semitic Duwa

    Wonder what the resident Proto-Semite has to say about this. I thought unmixed Egyptians were supposed to be Abusir with less/zero Chl?

    In your view, does this prove you wrong, or is it just a coincidence () that M1 is absent in one of the three subsamples from Abusir, and rare overall?

    And don’t change your signature now, please. I’m looking forward to you looking more and more incompetent as more aDNA is published. Wish there was a way to speed this up. But the extra wait and seeing you with your pants down every day, kinda has its own appeal, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semitic Duwa View Post
    He should appoint his cousin instead:

    What is he saying?

    Could you pleaset translate?

    The least you could do is provide translation (in English preferably), otherwise your post is useless for non-arabic speakers.

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