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Thread: the mtDNA landscape of Iran1661 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasAlucard View Post
    Mostly local. And disregarding the R1a in Iran, and probably also R1b, Iranian Y-DNA is quite local too.
    The most detailed R1a study to date suggests R1a originated in Iran

    Of course, the Eastern Turkey/Western Iran/Lower Caucus nexus has always been the most realistic point of origin for R1b as well..

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    The mtdna composition of Iran is pretty much the same as other West Eurasians with the exception of mtdna HV, which is sort of like Persian gulf ancestry, found in Eastern Arabians and Southern Iranians. H and U are also pretty common. The north of Iran is most similar to areas of the Caucasus and Turkey and the east is to India. I've seen some mention of YDNA, to which I can say Iran's paternal lineages are also similar to the Northern ME areas like Turkey and the Caucasus, and a good chunk of it is native to the plateau and surrounding regions, or further in Asia. There was very little contributed from Arabia and likewise very little from Iran, if any in some areas. Most day Iranians, even the ones from the south, are closer to Caucasus populations and to Levantine peoples (fairly recently Arabized) than to those in the Arabian peninsula. There's no historical connection aside from the spread of J.
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