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Thread: Finnish populational bottle neck1613 days old

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    Default Finnish populational bottle neck

    I throw this link in as an example about the absurdity of population genetics. They claim that the Finnish bottle neck is around 10000-20000 years old and it explains the difference between Finns and Swedes, for example. First, Finland was covered at that time by a strong ice shield and 20000 years ago all Eurasians can be put into a few small stocks wandering in Siberia, Southern Europe and Middle East. Secondly the Finns came to Finland during the last 2500 years period from east, south and west, with exception of pre-Saami people during the Stone Age. We know nothing about their genetics and almost all now living Finns can be genetically connected to the mentioned time frame of 2500 years. So there is no possibility to link Finns to some pre-Ma'lta boy people. It is possible only considering a mental bottle neck of American population geneticists. What really we can say about original Baltic-Finns is that they have very little later Middle Eastern admixture, differing from the known ENF (Early European Farmer) gene pool. Looking for this later Middle Eastern admixture among Baltic Finns gives 0% for East Finns, Karelians and Veps and around 5% for West Finns, while the ENF distribution is around 5-20% among all groups. All present-day Uralic groups show 0-5% ENF.
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    Three simple facts about Finns:
    1. Baltic Finnic languages (including Finnish) never came from the Volga basin along with ancestors of present-day Finns.
    2. Finnish I1 (around 30% of all Finns) has Germanic roots from the late Bronze Age or the early Iron Age.
    3. As to the Finnish prehistory we have no evidences about any Iron Age (or later) east-to-west migration, but many unquestionable evidences about west-to-east migrations.

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