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Thread: "Race doesn't exist," and the myth is drowning blacks. With math.1257 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdTerm View Post
    I think these biological traits and differences between ethnic groups do exist. But if there are only three racial categories (Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid), race is a vague definition, which can be more accurately defined by breaking it down to particular ethnic groups in the following manner. Hassan et al. (2017) studied obesity risk in various Caucasian populations such as the Austrian population, the northern Indian and French Caucasians and found that certain risk genes are associated with some of these groups, while they are absent in others.

    In future studies, haplogroups would be used more often in the medical field as it has been done by Lai et al (2012). Haplogroup A is associated with an increased risk of atherothrombotic cerebral infarction and coronary atherosclerosis and haplogroup F might contribute to the unfavorable DFS found among OSCC cancer patients.

    Ebner et al. (2015) also found that haplogroup T is associated with obesity in the Austrian population as haplogroup T was found at a significantly higher frequency in the overweight and obese subjects. The T haplogroup-linked CR polymorphisms C16294T and the C16296T are the culprits.
    ThirdTerm, I think it is plausible that each haplogroup can define one or two diseases, because each such SNP was probably selected for some narrow Darwinian reason. In some cases, the correlation would be usefully large, because the defining allele has a direct causal effect on the prevention of a disease. So, maybe Haplogroup A is highly predictive of either atherothrombotic cerebral infarction or coronary atherosclerosis, and only for those diseases, and it would have low predictive value for any other disease, and those low correlations follow merely from its correlation with biological race. And it wouldn't make much sense to try to define polygenic traits such as obesity by haplogroup. The correlation is necessarily expected to be smaller than with race. A higher correlation would exist between a race and a disease, because the causal link is more direct between race and disease frequencies. Races would be defined by large correlated clusters of genetic variants that follow from differential geographic ancestries or differential ancestral mating patterns, and differential genotypic disease frequencies directly follow from this pattern. The large categories of caucasoid, negroid and mongoloid would be likely too broad, as all three races each cover the whole spectrum of ancestral environments, but their subsets do not, so I agree with you on that point. Differential evolution happens on small scales in addition to large scales, and we can make better predictions with smaller increments, so long as we have the respective data. So, I suggest using small biological races as a way to predict diseases, at least in most cases.

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