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Thread: Prophet Muhammad's Y-DNA haplogroup?1485 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking View Post
    I googled them. If cherry-picked then someone else did it.

    You are still dodging why India, the motherland of R1a, is poorer in its subclades than Europe is.
    There are plenty of afghans in sweden, you should have some clue about what they look like. If we disregard the mongol admixed hazara the rest of the afghans look like iranians. There are plenty of iranians in sweden as well and they dont look white/european at all except in very rare cases, even if their skin color can often be very light, there are still many iranians who have similar skin color to north indians.

    And I didnt dodge anything. I said south central asia or southern siberia is likely the origin of R1a, and india does have higher str diversity than anywhere in europe. Founder effects can remove some of the previous diversity even if the haplogroup is native. Also we have very limited ancient dna from the region and another issue is the high possibility that early indo-aryans cremated themselves, which could make it harder to find ancient skeletons in the region which carry R1a.

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