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Thread: How can people like Islam?772 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfwind View Post
    Well on one hand I want to say it's just another religion specifically of the Abrahamic sort, but then I do think that more extremists tend to come out of that religion. That could be due to other things though for instance the ~Western~ invasion of their homeland, and they use religion or Islam to justify x y or z actions. Like you don't hear of extreme terrorists coming out of Turkey or Brunei and such forth.
    Many Turks sympathize with Muslim/Turkic separatists in western China though.

    And what about the Bangkok Bombing of 2015?
    Clonka Minkus is NOT doing fine! Don't believe the media!

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    Muslim convert mother murdered by her husband, after she defied his demands to stop seeing her family and friends.

    A mum-of-four “forbidden” from seeing her family and friends was slaughtered by her husband before her body was dumped in woods, a court heard.

    Petite Sinead Wooding, who had converted to Islam, had gone back to wearing western clothing when she was brutally murdered in a knife and hammer attack.

    The 26-year-old mum’s body was then stored in a cellar for two days before it was taken to woodland where it was set on fire, it was claimed.

    Nicholas Campbell QC prosecuting told Leeds crown court Sinead was murdered by her husband Akshar Ali after a row.

    He claimed the husband’s “best friend” Yasmin Ahmed then helped dispose of the body.

    Miss Wooding had met Ali, who worked on a food stall at Leeds indoor market, after converting to the Islamic faith and changing her name to Zakirah.

    They went through an Islamic marriage but their relationship was described as “volatile” and sometimes violent, a jury heard.

    They had allegedly argued about her visiting friends he had “forbidden” her to see.

    Mr Campbell said the marriage had been under strain and Miss Wooding had started wearing Western clothes again in the days before her death.

    The pair had visited Yasmin Ahmed’s home for a party on May 11th but had a row and bang was heard from the kitchen.

    Ahmed went to check and returned saying Miss Wooding had stumbled into a door but everything was okay, he said.

    Then Ali told everybody Miss Wooding had left but Mr Campbell said: “In fact Sinead Wooding never left that property alive.”

    He claimed she was incapacitated before she was killed later when she was stabbed several times with a knife – one wound cutting across her windpipe.

    “If she was conscious at that time of the stabbing she would have been prevented from crying out,” Mr Campbell said.

    He told the court she was repeatedly hit about the head causing a fractured skull in several places believed to be from a claw hammer.

    After being kept in a cellar her body was then “wrapped up, bound with wire”and carried out of the cellar late at night.

    Mr Campbell said in the early hours of Sunday, May 14th, Lydia Gunning, a student living next door to Ahmed’s home, was disturbed by noises outside “...She saw the same two people coming out of the back entrance of number 3 carrying what looked to her to be a body,” he said.

    “Each was carrying their own end of the body and both were struggling to do it.

    “The body appeared to have been wrapped in a sheet or carpet.

    “She saw them carry the body and place it into the boot of the car.

    “Ms Gunning thought what she had seen was really strange but thought ‘lots of strange things happen around here’ so she went back to bed.

    “It was only later when she saw evidence of police interest she thought of contacting the police to tell them what she had observed.”

    The victim’s burnt body was found on May 14th, three days after the alleged attack.

    Akshar Ali, 27, of Kings Road and Yasmin Ahmed, 27 from Potternewton each deny murder.

    Three other people Ali’s brother Asim, 21, his mother Aktahr Bi, 45, also of Kings Road, and Vicky Briggs, 25, of Reginald Mount are accused of assisting an offender by either helping get a vehicle to dispose of the corpse or assisting in cleaning up.

    The trial continues.

    It's a problem when any religious belief becomes fundamentalist. The 'believers' can only ever see things their way, with no room for compromise or logical alternatives, the guilty become innocent and vice versa, and the fundamentalists can't see their own flawed logic. The majority of converts to Islam, 75% according to one study, actually apostatize. Most marriages between Western women and Muslim men fail. The 1970's term "male chauvinism" is an understatement, describing how Middle Eastern men regard and treat their women. Most Western women won't tolerate being treated as slaves, who are literally expected to wash their husbands' feet, when they come home. These stories are more commonplace than you might think. Only thing is, the liberal media will NOT give them any airtime for fear, that it might start a rash of 'hate crimes.' Isn't that 'rich'? Fearing to start a rash of 'hate crimes' against those who HATE us already? Government and liberal media are complicit in incidents like this. These idiots don't have any clue how dangerous Islam is, because they're genuinely not intelligent enough to read past headlines, and just take everything at face value. All one has to do is, look at any Middle Eastern country, and see how the women are treated to tell you what Islam is all about, women are second class citizens and considered property. Yet, liberal media is trying to convince us, that crap like the hijab are beautiful signs of 'feminism.' Too bad, this story won't get widespread attention. It would be a good lesson for any young girl who has been brainwashed, and is considering converting to Islam.

    ^ Hard to have sympathy for her. What did this young woman think life would be like? "Muslim-Day at Disneyland"? I will never in a million years understand Western women converting to Islam. The only explanation I can come up with is, that they are bamboozled into it without any understanding of what it truly is. Any sane woman would run a mile. Basically it went like this, the man treated her like a 'princess', until he married her. Gave her things, and was constantly saying she was 'special.' These sick bastards use some of the same tactics, that pimps and pedophiles use to deceive prostitutes and children. They prey on naïvety and niceness, and seek out the weak and alienated. Liberals on the other hand, tell women how wonderful Islam is, and that it is only haters and racists who make up bad things about the Muslim life. These women get sucked in, and the nightmare begins, and too often ends tragically. In a way, this woman is a victim of political correctness, because her family didn't teach her to shun Muslim men as partners. It's not like she didn't have access to the Internet to be able to research the lives and prospects of women under Islam. Teenagers today create apps for smartphones, program computers, sail, or fly around the world on their own. She was old enough to turn on a TV/computer, and see what’s happening in her own country, as well as most of the Western world. It’s a tragedy, but it was preventable. Her husband was following Sharia Law, like a good little Muslim. She was murdered for Apostasy (leaving Islam), she was beaten because a Muslim man has the legal right to beat his wife, and she was honor killed, so the Muslim family could hold their heads high in their community, in spite of her dishonorable behavior toward her husband and Islam. The worst part is, the whole family coming together to try to cover it up. That's what makes it really scary. So his mother, brother, and a 'female friend' helped him dispose of his wife's body? This is the thing about most Muslims, they're tribal, but also morally bankrupt, so they'll lie for and even assist a pedophile or murderer in their family, something most Western natives would find unthinkable. I bet the hand holding liberal court will find he was well within his rights for the murder, due to Sharia Law, and the 'religion of peace.' He'll get a few months, and be free after Christmas most likely. The British establishment will jail him for ten months, accommodating his disgusting halal food, and every creature comfort. He'll sue for a million pounds for discomfort while in jail, and get two million. And then they'll have him visit six year old girl's classes, so they won't commit 'hate crimes' when they grow up, like trying to escape rape and murder. Don't want to appear "racist" after all. The Left is perfectly willing to throw women and children under the bus to defend Muslims. When will Brits wake up?

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    This is a disgusting religion. The only thing I like about Islam is that Muslims believe in the same God as Christians and recognise Jesus. Although, they don't believe Jesus is our Messiah. Muslims don't have our mentality either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugevit View Post
    This is a disgusting religion. The only thing I like about Islam is that Muslims believe in the same God as Christians and recognise Jesus. Although, they don't believe Jesus is our Messiah. Muslims don't have our mentality either.
    I read Quran from start to finish. Uneducated person wrote it copying certain segments from Bible.

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