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Thread: Setting the record straight on Iranian's (Persian) supposed claims to the "aryans"1460 days old

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    Default Setting the record straight on Iranian's (Persian) supposed claims to the "aryans"

    This has been something which, if your Iranian, will have been heard throughout your childhood waxed lyrical from the elders. Its sort of become something of a source of pride for some iranians (that's how low national pride has become, thank the mullahs), but after a while I started to question it all. The most common saying among Iranians is "almaniah ham khoonamon hastan" which translates to "The Germans are the same blood as us"........Then when you decide to challenge the notion the response would be "chon mah aryan hastim" (Because we are both Aryans). I never really saw much real evidence to back this stuff up, supposedly my parents were taught this in school, but the only bits of real information I found to support it were the following two below.

    1. One of Mohammad reza pahlavi's titles was "aryamehr" which translated to "Light of the Aryans"

    2. Darius the great was apparently quoted as saying the following words from "Nasqhe Rostam"

    "I am Dariush, the great king, the king of kings, The king of many countries and many peoples, The king of this expansive land,The son of Wishtaspa of Achaemenid,Persian, the son of a Persian, 'Aryan', from the Aryan race ."

    Apparently ferdowsi was renowned for his support of the "Aryan superiority" though I cannot find anything to back that up.

    I want to use this thread to prove/dispel the common notion that is among Iranian's, because I'm sure nearly 99% of iranians back home have not been exposed to population genetics, so they are clearly well behind on the latest advancements on the subject, but at the same time I myself have not really took time to study ancient genetics and the numerous Indo European papers released, to be able to give my views, I have no knowledge in that field. I'm not for or against this idea of Aryans, I really have no pull towards one either, I'm just interested in actually knowing whether genetics has backed up the iranians hypothesis on this stuff?
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