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    Quote Originally Posted by NixYO View Post
    Dziękuję! It's cool that the reflexive pronoun starts with an s like in Swedish (at least for third person singular and plural); we spell it »sig«. Can it be placed before the verb (like how they do it in Romance languages)?
    Absolutely. It is very often used this way; in fact in some cases such usage is stylistically the best choice, for instance at the end of a sentence. Another good example is when you want to fit some other element, e.g. an adverbial phrase, between the verb and the pronoun. On the other hand, you ought not start a sentence with się.

    On a second thought, however, I'm now leaning towards the opinion that in your original example się fulfills the role of a particle rather than of a reflexive pronoun; thus, chandryczyć się can be thought of as a sort of phrasal verb. Be that as it may, the verb behaves in a sentence in the exact same manner as reflexive verbs.
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