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Thread: The Luwian Civilization – The Missing Link in the Aegean Bronze Age ?257 days old

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    A new speculation: the "Sea Peoples" were from the south of Italy.

    The prosperity gap probably triggered the outbreak of violence. The chiefs in
    Southern Italy had to offer their warriors attractive loot again and again, so that they
    were further accepted as leaders. Like a kind of
    "Vikings of the Early Times".
    against the Mycenaean kingdoms.

    and later also
    against the states of the Middle East. Italian warriors, who were there as mercenaries
    were involved, may have taken sides with them

    This theory is not only supported by clay vessels and swords from excavations,
    but also the reliefs in Medinet Habu, at the funeral temple of Pharaoh Ramses

    There are weapons and ships of the attackers
    which Reinhard Jung could trace back to models from Italy

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