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Thread: The Value of Knowing Mathematics in Understanding Science [split] //mod893 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Knowledge is not as important as understanding as commonly supposed. Knowledge can lead to understanding but you don't need to know everything about something to understand it. It is important that the knowledge is mathematically/logically correct.
    Knowledge will of course always be more important than math, but math too, of course, is a form of knowledge.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    The study you posted was very specific and applied mostly to 20.25% of the population. That percentile was the age that was within the eskimos average span. The eskimos did not significantly die of chronic diseases but their mortality rate was caused mostly by warfare and infectious diseases etc.. : decidedly not cancer and diabetes.
    It's not the only scientific study that argues that animal protein is carcinogenic. Here's another one:

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    You are being absurd as I never advocated the inuit diet.
    You brought up the Inuit diet as a counterargument; I'm saying hunter-gatherer diets, is not a valid argument.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    You missing the point. I think eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and certain fish, low on the food chain, and rich in omega 3s supremely healthy and that is a form of pesceterianism.
    Pescetarianism -- even if it's not carcinogenic -- is still inferior to raw food veganism.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    You say theoretically that vegans can get enough protein and omega 3s , in their diet, but post no statistics showing that most vegans are not lacking in these nutrients or others practically speaking. Without math you are not making any sense.
    Soy and hemp (especially in combination) contain all the complete protein and essential fatty acids any human -- including vegans -- need. The fish oil varieties of omega-3 aren't essential at all; they're just healthy, and anyway, they can be obtained directly from algae oil (which is where fish get their omega-3 DHA/EPA from in the first place). It's possible I'm repeating myself here, I think I mentioned this in my previous post already.

    Speaking of hemp, I bought this brand new hemp protein concentrate earlier today:

    ^^ Great stuff, that's 57% protein per 100 g made from shelled hemp seeds, the next step is hemp protein isolate from shelled hemp seeds, great stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    It's obviously easier to meet your protein and omega 3 needs through pesceterianism.
    What did Jesus say about the hard path being the right way?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    So your pure verbal theory without mathematical statistics smacks of unreality.
    What I find ironic, is that for all your math skills, you seem to, funny enough, not understand that it's not sustainable for the biosphere to eat meat and animal protein. That's what you get when you're set on an "easy" mentality mode. Single-cell protein, all of which are vegan btw, yield superior protein that is friendly for the environment. What good are your math skills if you can't figure out which is the most responsible diet for the environment? You know, responsibility as a concept, is very important for life in general on this planet.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Your lopsided verbal myopic autism is clearly missing the points I am making. Human language is far more primitive to math. Math is a rationally planned international language that has no room for private sentiments of the individual or nation. Normal human languages are not rationally planned so when you are not speaking mathematics you are speaking in an inferior primitive tongue.
    So how's it going with that mathematical language you're constructing, has it gotten you laid yet? What's the pick-up line in mathematics?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    I see no mathematical statistics on free range meat or fish, low on the food chain, cause cancer at the same rate or even significant rate compared to farm raised meat. It could be the added hormones and certain fungus found in farm raised meat is causing the cancer.
    Whatever the case for animal protein being more carcinogenic, it's not just diseases I'm arguing over, but also environment. Do you understand how little impact SCP (such as Quorn) has on the environment, compared to breeding and feeding 1 kg of animal protein?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    You either speak math or you speak like a primitive barbarian.
    So when will you go on your math jihad?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Well that sounds plausible likely to be true but again no math. Also, since I never said one should eat farm raised cow you are not making much sense
    Look man, pescetarianism is half-assed veganism. You either go all the way, or you don't walk at all. Veganism is for advanced nutrition experts; n00bs who don't grasp nutrition, do it the easy way with animal products. Those of us who are into veganism, we walk a higher path, son.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Until you up your game and improve your understanding and knowledge of math where you are clearly lacking 'ecofascism', hippie pot smoking, and hippy dippy fad diet raw veganism is not something I can endorse.
    On the contrary, veganism is the wave of the future, as is environmentalism. When you man up and develop a solid masculine mentality, you'll come to understand the importance of -- and wisdom in -- veganism, environmentalism, open source software and hemp (they're all beautifully interconnected). Cannabis is for enlightened and creative people anyway:

    Lords of Acid - Marijuana in Your Brain (Voodoo-U album):

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Ok, I am starring to think you might be retarded or something. I read the first link and afflatoxin (sp?) found in meat is supposed to be carcinogen but it also occurs in plants foods too like peanuts. In fact it comes from fungus on plants animals eat but it says nothing on how common what fungus is on what free range animals eat or anything about what plants fish eat. You don't make any sense.
    Whatever carcinogens in plants, unlike meat (and dairy), plants are loaded with antioxidants and other phytochemicals (many of which aren't really essential nutrients, but super healthy for ya anyhow) that protect against cancer.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Remember, innumeracy is not a virtue.
    I strongly suggest you watch this documentary:

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    He could be better at math , who knows ?
    Don't flatter yourself man, of course a professor/emeritus in biochemistry is better than you at math.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    what is funny is you don't have a problem being at the mercy of authorities who know more math than you.
    Why should I have a problem with that? They after all, know more than me, because they study this for a living. If they're actually wrong, they'd be proved wrong a long time ago. But all the accumulated data since The China Study came out, have been corroborating T. Colin Campbell. I don't see anything funny in that, if anything I take science more seriously than you, my innumeracy notwithstanding.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    What if he is wrong ? You will never know for sure without math.
    I don't even have to know that 1+1=2, to know if he's right or wrong. If he's wrong, he will be proven wrong by someone else. That's how science works (to qualify as science, it must be open for and testable by the general public, you know, in order to duplicate and verify the original results, empirically). That's the beauty of science.

    The problem here is that you think you can refute science by showing off your math skills (you know, as opposed to publishing a paper that proves Campbell wrong), instead of being convinced by the raw scientific data at hand.

    Here's the full study in case you want to dig into the details (unlike the previous PubMed link, this one contains the entire study):

    Low Protein Intake Is Associated with a Major Reduction in IGF-1, Cancer, and Overall Mortality in the 65 and Younger but Not Older Population:

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePendragon View Post
    Elias, the point is, according to mathematical thinking, that scientific study to 'prove your case' does not necessarily prove anything.

    Only math proves things to be correct. The hard sciences are second runners up and the soft sciences and medical research are dead last.

    I dunno how you can say I am impervious to knowledge and anti-intellectual. It is you who is anti-intellectual because you do not think mathematically. Mathematics teaches you how to think therefore you think incorrectly.
    Here's some math statistics for you to contemplate:

    In Japan, with a population of 126 million people, only 18 cases of deaths by prostate cancer. In America on the other hand, which has a population roughly twice the size of Japan (slightly more actually, but who's counting?), American prostate cancer deaths number somewhere around 14,000(!). Obviously, dairy is the culprit here. It's not like the environment is radically different in Japan, or that the Japanese are somehow genetically resistant to prostate cancer (Japanese-Americans who eat the same standard American junk food diet, get prostate cancer and all other health diseases the same as white Americans). The Japanese in Japan eat shitloads of soy, which is rich in phytoestrogens, which protect against prostate cancer (and a lot of other diseases).

    You can show off your math skills and try to invalidate these stats all you like, but facts are facts. You can't argue against facts with your math gymnastics.

    By the way, you play any chess? You good at it? Because at the end of the day, chess is the ultimate way to measure your ability to think logically. It's not that I'm innumerate, I just don't bother improving my math skills because I think it's a boring waste of time (it's not like I'm striving to be a physicist or something anyway). I don't need to know algebra or anything other than standard arithmetics to know stuff. I can read, and think logically. That's all that's required to understand scientific facts.

    Meanwhile, alt right white nationalists, keep talking about how inaccurate the Out of Africa theory is, how archaic Europeans had white skin 45 thousand years ago, how ancient Europeans settled the Americas before 'native Americans', how the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians were Nordics, and similar stupid bullshit. And you have the gall to accuse me of being pseudo-scientific? Jigga get real. I'm the one who's keeping it real on this anthropology stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaron View Post
    Anatolian Urhemait supporters are mostly butthurt Meds.
    For the lulz:
    Quote Originally Posted by drgs View Post
    Poland is a misunderstanding. It is a country which lies on the frontier between western and slavic world, and which combines elements of both.
    In fact, they are not even the Europeans in strict sense, meaning European as in bearing the responsibility and understanding of European interests. Poland has always been an subordinate country, on one side sucking German dick, on the other side -- Russian one, some kind of "novice" europeans, who are full of inferiority complexes, hysteria and obsessity neuroses. This is also true for all Baltic countries

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