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Thread: Y-DNA in Iron Age Poland14 days old

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    I1 Z63+ S2078+ L1237-


    Quote Originally Posted by Litvin View Post
    Dawni królowie Gothorum stali się chłopami:

    Za: Czekanowski, "Wstęp do historii Słowian", 1957.
    But on the other hand my only close STR match (I1-Z63) at FTDNA is a man belonging to the family of Polish medieval magnates who among others produced this saint immortalised at the Saint Peters's square in Vatican:

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    Ancient R1b-DF27 sample:
    ~2431-2150 BC, Bell Beaker, Quedlinburg
    Ancient samples of W6a:
    ~3500-2700 BC, Yamnaya, Lopatino II
    ~3260-2630 BC, Corded Ware, Plinkaigalis
    ~2566-2477 BC, Corded Ware, Esperstedt

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    Piontek 2017 Ludność kultury wielbarskiej - wyniki badań antropologicznych.pdf

    Quote Originally Posted by Piontek, 2017
    Population of the Wielbark Culture
    Results of Anthropological research

    Culture, population, settlement and demographic processes taking place in the Oder and Vistula river basins from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages have long been discussed in history, archaeology and linguistics. Recent years have seen increasingly fierce discussions and, as a result, the proliferation of controversial hypotheses, which affect the historical and ethnic interpretations. Sadly, the debates overlook the results of anthropological research. There seem to be a group of archaeologists who question the reliability of research methods used by anthropologists and postulate that they should be verified. This can be inferred from various interdisciplinary discussions or archaeological works. Yet, the anthropological literature is replete with studies by several researchers, who have published the data on the morphological characteristics of hundreds of individuals buried in cemeteries dating from the Roman Iron Age and found in the Oder and Vistula river basins. The analyses have been conducted under very precisely defined procedures (using the same research instruments, research technique, methodology, methods, etc.). As a consequence, the data published by various authors can be used in comparative statistical analyses.

    This paper attempts to describe the biological structure of human populations living in the Oder and Vistula basins in the Roman Iron Age. According to archaeologists, the populations are attributable to the Wielbark Culture. This article examines the odontological and craniological diversity of the population of the Wielbark Culture, and the morphological differentiation of the population of the Wielbark Culture as compared to the early medieval populations from Central and Northern Europe.

    Using properly chosen methods of statistical analysis (biological distance calculations, multidimensional scaling of the distance matrix and the method of principal components) and properly selected sets of morphological features, it has been demonstrated that the population of the Wielbark Culture bore the strong biological (genetic) similarity to the population of the Western Slavs. It has been shown therefore that the people living in the basins of the Oder and Vistula rivers in the medieval period did not differ, in biological terms, from the population occupying these areas during the Roman Iron Age. The results of studies on the differentiation of human populations from the Roman Iron Age and the Early Middle Ages in terms of craniological and odontological features allow therefore for a negative verification of the hypothesis about a population exchange in the basin of the Oder and Vistula rivers in Late Antiquity/the Early Middle Ages.

    A comparative analysis of different skeletal populations from Central and Northern Europe, including the morphological features of the skull, has also shown that the populations of the Wielbark Culture, in some archaeological studies attributed to the Germanic groups (Goths?), shared a low biological similarity with the medieval populations from Germany or Scandinavia.

    To conclude, the results of anthropological studies do not confirm a thesis, proposed in some archaeological studies, about the discontinuation of settlement in the Oder and Vistula basins between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. On the contrary, they indicate that there was a considerable similarity between the biological populations inhabiting the basins of the Oder and Vistula rivers in the Roman Iron Age and the Middle Ages.

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