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Thread: in saliva, clues to a "ghost" species of ancient human239 days old

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    Correct me if I sound silly but shouldn't West Africans also not be considered "SSA" genetically since their paternal lineages from what I seen most likely did not arise in the below the Sahara but in the Sahara? I mean most West African groups only recently migrated down to Southern West Africa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomaliSuldaan View Post
    You clearly don't have a clue what you ar talking about yet you are here spouting bs with your large negroid mouth which is typical behaviour of the average American negroe.Only a moron (Afro-Centrists are always morons) would believe that the Pre-Proto Cushites and the Proto-Cushites were black.North Africa was never SSA genetically so untill you find folks who are genetically negroid like yourself preserved somewhere in Egypt I suggest you shut the fuck up.

    I find it amusing that you really don't know anything about Somalis/Cushites or Afro-Asiatic linguistics yet you want to lecture me.I find it even more amusing that you had no clue only about half of the Somali maternal lineages are SSA...Obviously the Cushites brought their Eurasian females with them when they arrived in the Horn.

    As for your memes and other bs it is obvious you are one of those race obsessed BLM SJW leftard activists.Who the fuck mentioned whites or wanting to be white? And I know you are indirectly calling me a coon lol which is funny since I share no history,genetics,culture or religion with you so who exactly am I "betraying"? Dumb negroes need to be left off the Internet
    What? BLM has Nothing to do racial classifications and genetics. It's mainly about police brutality.

    Are you even educated outside of this forum? Do you even have an undergraduate degree? A lot of what you're writing is just incorrect. You couldn't pass a basic freshman course with you're incorrect geopolitical assumptions. Are you even Somali at this point? You sound like white troll moonlighting as an African.

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    He can't respond. He threw a tantrum to get himself banned because he kept getting roasted lol.

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