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Thread: Austronesians:The Turkics of the Sea756 days old

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    Default Austronesians:The Turkics of the Sea

    Ahh,the Austronesians.The most widespread ethnolinguistic grouping on Earth,stretching from Madagascar off the east coast of Africa,to Easter Island off the west coast of South America.The vast majority of the language speakers of the islands in both the Indian and the Pacific Oceans.But who are all these peoples and what is up with the vast amount of phenotypical and linguistic variation among them?See,Austronesians are a cultural heritage mostly tied to language and culture such as sea faring.

    From my research I'd say Austronesians can be subdivided into the following ethnic sub-families:

    Taiwanese Aboriginals

    Western Indonesians (Javanese,Balinese,etc) and Malaysians,Chams,mainland Southeast Asian Austronesians. We can call these folks the Western Austronesians

    Filipinos/Central Indonesians or what I call the Central Austronesians

    Malagasy/Madagascar people's (probably descended from a mix of Central Austronesians and Western Austronesians)

    Wallaceans (Moluccans,Timorese,Nusa Tengarra,possibly certain West Papuans(???),also I read some tribes in the southern Philippines like the Manobo and Mamanwa have links to the Moluccans and seeing their pictures,they look almost exactly like us..

    Melanesians (including coastal Austronesian speaking Papuans,Vanuatu,Solomon,New Caledonia)
    Torres Straight Islanders.Yes,Melanesians are the people of the islands east of New Guinea and are also Austronesian speaking peoples mostly as well as having Polynesian/Austronesian admixtures.

    Western Micronesians like Chamorro,Yapese and Palauans who speak non Oceanian languages

    Eastern Micronesians like FSM people (multiple subgroups),Marshallese,and Kiribati

    Western Polynesians like Samoans,Tongans,Tuvalu,Fijian

    And Eastern Polynesians like Maori,Hawaiian,Rapa Nui,Tahitian etc

    Eastern Polynesians are the ones who most resemble Amerindians imo,also Taiwanese Aboriginals too.I and many others have noticed the many distinct ethnic phenotypes among all these groups that differentiates us all,ie. Western Polynesians immense size and physicality,Filipinos unique facial features (imo!!),Wallaceans unique racial appearances approaching psuedo Dravidian,Veddoid or South Asian,etc etc.

    The reason this is is because Austronesians are an ETHNOLINGUISTIC CULTURAL HERITAGE,similar to Turkics(Turkics are an Ethnolinguistic group separate from Turks the people from West Asia!),Jews or maybe we can better say Semitic peoples,and Hispanics.Like the former we are a diverse group of peoples united under a common linguistic and cultural heritage from Taiwan and also perhaps ethnically from the aforementioned.Just like the other named Ethnolinguistic groups who also have a common element but are racially diverse with varying admixtures,so are we!Just clearing things up!!

    ALL the groups listed to my knowledge speak an Austronesian language excluding Torres Straight Islanders (who are mostly ethnically Melanesian however),so if I missed anyone please chime in!!Comments,questions,concerns,and opinions also welcome !!!
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