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Thread: Benefits if there had been no Merkel in German/EU politics749 days old

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    Default Benefits if there had been no Merkel in German/EU politics

    Thilo Sarrazin's list of what Germany and Europe would have gained without Merkel's disastrous course.
    Summed up:
    - no Greek bailout: Maastricht criteria upheld, Greek recovery
    - no Draghi, no guarantee risks for the German tax-payer
    - the draft would not have been given up, Germany less prone to US military adventures and less dependent
    - no immigrant Tsunami, less crime and terror
    - no gains for right-wing policies
    - no Brexit
    - a more intelligent energy turnaround

    What else will have to be blamed on her?

    Here are the alternatives.

    In spring 2010, the principles of the Maastricht Treaty should have been adhered to. Greece would have suffered a sovereign insolvency and would have retired from the euro. With a drachma devalued by 40 percent, it would have found its way back to a growth path long ago, and it would have been far better than it is now. This would have been very beneficial for all creditors of euro states. Euro countries would have had to pay risk-adjusted premiums in relation to Germany or Austria for their national debt, and would have long since aligned their policies accordingly. The recovery of public finances and internal reforms of the labour markets would have proceeded much faster.

    Perhaps at some point Italy would also have decided to leave the euro. In any case, it would no longer be in the trap of stagnation, as it is at present. The ECB President would be Axel Weber instead of Mario Draghi. The euro area's money supply would have been in line with its economic potential, but it would have relied on risk-adjusted lending of valuable securities and not on the unrestrained purchase of government bonds. There would be no significant target balances. Germany would not be at the mercy of guarantee risks amounting to many hundreds of billions. The euro would not be a sacred mystery in the service of higher purposes and not a prison for peoples, but a solid currency for the countries to which it suits and which internally accept the rules of a monetary union.

    The draft would have been retained until a viable concept for future spending by the Bundeswehr had been put forward. The Bundeswehr would have remained at its core the functional land army that it once was, very much to the pacification of the eastern NATO partners. This would have had an immensely moderating effect on Russia's ambitions in eastern Ukraine.

    In the area of refugee and immigration policy, Germany would have adhered strictly to the Dublin Agreements and closed the borders against illegal immigration as a precautionary measure. The billions of euros that have been spent in Europe since 2010 on the EFSF and ESM would have been spent in good time on preventive military and border control of the EU's external borders and on aid for refugees near the countries of origin. There would be no mass exodus via the Mediterranean and tugboats in the Mediterranean, because any boat seized with illegal immigrants would have been returned to its point of origin without delay.

    The wave of refugees to Germany since 2015 would not have taken place. Crime in Germany and Europe would be significantly lower. Thousands of Islamic perilous people could not even have entered the country in the first place, which is why there would have been significantly fewer attacks.

    The foundation of AfD by Bernd Lucke in 2013 would have been cancelled. because the party founder would have stayed in the CDU. There would be no party to the right of the Union with the prospect of entering the Bundestag

    The UK's brexit vote would have been clearly in favour of staying. EU membership would have been attractive rather than dissuasive for the country, after the Maastricht principles had proved their viability. In fact, the effective European border security would have increased the number of people in Britain voting for accession to the Schengen area.

    The Chancellor, who took over from Angela Merkel, could have put a much greater part of his strength on an intelligent energy turnaround, on the promotion of education, science and technology and on an immigration policy based on the Canadian model, instead of pursuing European crisis management. Regarding the future of the internal combustion engine, he would have said that it will die naturally if there are better alternatives. After all, the freighter and the horse-drawn carriage were not banned, they had simply survived.

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    die vergangenheit ist vergangenheit, die zukunft steht uns voraus, denke russland deutscher, schreib mir gerne eine pm

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