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Thread: Jogging/Running vs Marijuana185 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasAlucard View Post
    That's just "anecdotal evidence", and it's about as useful as your pseudo-scientific belief that soy causes gynecomastia/manboobs You do understand that there are highly successful people who smoke pot, right? And if Marijuana were as legal as tomatoes, there'd be all sorts of successful pot-heads. I'm sure you can find the same sort of loser contractors who have never smoked pot; doesn't really mean anything. And the fact that the government is fucking pot smokers over, isn't really helping their career paths.
    I specifically stated HEAVY pot smoker like it's a financial burden and or you are unable to keep a real job. I would agree the occasional pot user certainly is across all spectrums of losers to professionals to billionaires.

    Sorry science has proven soy in high doses is processed as estrogen. This really is not debatable. What is debateable are at dose do documented harmful effects occur. Obviously soy can be part of a healthy diet , but with anything moderation is best.

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