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Thread: Why does eastern and Southeastern Europe lag behind Northern and Western Europe?58 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlessedbyHorus View Post
    Actually there HAVE been studies that repeatedly say if Black America were its own country it would rank quite high in GDP per capita and above most African nations.

    Yes purchasing power doesnt mean shit(I try to tell many blacks this), however on AVERAGE/as a COLLECTIVE AAs have a higher standard of living and MORE capital than most Blacks. This is a fact. And you bringing up Blacks in America earning less than other races IN America is moot against AAs having more capital than other Blacks world wide. You are literally comparing American poverty to non-American poverty which is flawed itself.

    And even if you wanna bring up Asians and Polish Americans(who are a tiny population and Asian Americans are not even monolithic), in terms of RAW NUMBERS(not percentages) there are more wealthy Black enclaves and businesses than those groups especially Polish-Americans. Again raw numbers.

    Anyways, you as an Ethiopian clearly have a insecurity towards AAs while speaking in AAVE. And I already know how you roll so I'm not gonna get into a back and forth cause I know how its gonna go down.
    Polish Americans are actually generally quite higher than the average White American in statistics, and obviously much higher than the average Black American.

    Polish American IQ of 109 in the 1970's.

    Median age of Polish Americans is 38.7 years as compared to 36.9 years of the general American population. Bachelor and higher degrees are held by 36.1% of PolAms as compared to 27.7% of the general population. 41.3% of PolAms hold professional and managerial positions as compared to 34.9%. Median family income of PolAms is $79,494 versus $63,360. Only 7.1% of PolAms fall under the poverty line, compared to13.2% of Americans. 74.4% of Polish Americans own their own homes versus 66.4% of the general population

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