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Thread: 70th Anniversary of Aden Pogroms which killed 87 Jews318 days old

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    Default 70th Anniversary of Aden Pogroms which killed 87 Jews

    December 2 marked the seventieth anniversary of the start of the days-long pogroms in Aden which broke out following U.N voting to partition Mandatory Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. The Adenite Jews were a historical outgrowth of the Yemenite Jews, but had developed separately for centuries. They also had Sefaradi (mostly Egyptian) and Mizrahhi (mostly Iraqi) Jewish admixture, and some British Ashkenazi and Sefaradi input in the British period (Aden was UK protectorate "gateway to India"). Their customs, Hebrew pronunciation, degree of Westernization(advanced), prayer customs all had diverged noticeably from the Yemenite Jewish original core. Boys and girls went to British schools and spoke English. (Once in line in the 70's at the Tel Aviv American Consulate I was in line next to a delightful fair-ish blue eyed Adenite Israeli lady who was getting a visa to the US to see her kids. We conversed in English and she explained that as a young girl in Aden she learned English at school, an experience light-years from the norm of female illiteracy among Yemenite Jews pre-Zionism). As you see from the linked articles, Adenites established thriving congregations in London years ago, as well as in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Asmara, Eritrea. This is of course in addition to the main community of Adenites in Israel, mostly Tel Aviv. In my wife's extended Israeli-Yemenite family there was one aunt who married an Adenite, and another uncle in recent years has served as the hired Torah reader in the main Adenite synagogue because unlike Yemenites, they don't have enough young people in that particular congregation to master the reading tradition unique to Aden Jews, so they draft Teimanim (Yemenites).
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