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Thread: Genetic Admixture in Costa Rica - gedmatch kits. (Genética de Costa Rica)637 days old

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    Default Genetic Admixture in Costa Rica - gedmatch kits. (Genética de Costa Rica)

    Hi, i collected more than 100 samples (113 by the moment but i'm trying to add more when i have time) of costarican kits in gedmatch and i made a excel file with all that information trying to discover the average of european,amerindian and african admixture in the population of my country and for that objective i used the eurogenes k15 calculator.

    The results are the next: 64.72% of european admixture, 29.46% of amerindian admixture and 5.81 of african genetics (4.59 of western european and 1.22% of North East African).

    Just to clarify, most of the samples are from people of the Central Valley.

    You can check all the kits with their respective k15 here:

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