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Thread: IQ levels are falling in the West22 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Noi View Post
    no wonder, because of the mass immigration ..............
    To begin with, have you ever heard of a politician admitting they made a mistake, and are going to return the tax money they collected for their personal use- back to the general public along with a new vote/referendum?
    The best educated[generally higher I/Q] , least corrupt, hardest working people are independent and left their third world corrupt dictators, religious fanatics, corrupt countries first. They realize they can go to a first world country and compete and add value with their skill set and blend in with social values without collecting welfare and free benefits from the country they immigrate to, a real win win situation for everyone. However what you are left is a progressive worse situation in the country they left behind- goes into a type of terminal decline[IQ and otherwise] since only violent social justice warrior rioters types, welfare types, free loaders types and other corrupt types of personalities - are left behind in higher and higher concentrated numbers. Eventually they to cannot stand to live with each other and want the system changed as they judge it as unjust, when they realize they can't change the system or misappropriate funds from the politicians[often more corrupt themselves with offshore acounts] they want to migrate to the areas with a working population that respects the rule of law and order just like the initial first wave of high IQ positive/social and economic producing immigrants- no corruption. based on my personal opinion/observation= talking to immigrants who have come to my region.
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