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Thread: Volcano eruption: countries relying on solar energy in deep trouble287 days old

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    Default Volcano eruption: countries relying on solar energy in deep trouble

    The year 1816 is considered the "year without summer". In many countries, the sun was barely shining for over a year, heavy rains devastated the country; in Europe and the United States, farmers brought in bad harvests, famines broke out; but less so in Russia, whose tsar had grain delivered to Switzerland.

    A year earlier, in April 1815, the volcano Tambora erupted on the other side of the globe. A huge explosion threw the upper part of the volcano into the air and reduced the mountain from 4,300 meters to only 2,800 meters. He breathes enormous amounts of toxic gases and ashes into the air. The explosion could be heard 1,500 kilometres away. The ash spread meter-thickly over huge areas, destroying all life. 100,000 people are said to have died.

    In the western hemisphere, this outbreak is considered a cause of the catastrophic weather deterioration. The extent to which the eruption of the volcano contributed to the dramatic deterioration of the weather has not yet been fully clarified. After all, since 1812 there have been a series of cold and rainy years associated with bad harvests. But there's no question about it: the volcanic eruption threw enormous amounts of ash and fine dust into the upper layers of the atmosphere. The volcano is located close to the equator, and emitted gases and ash particles enter the global wind currents and are distributed around the globe. This does not happen with volcanoes closer to the poles.
    Such a natural disaster has completely new, previously undreamt-of consequences for a country that obtains its energy from so-called "renewable sources". So what happens when another volcano erupts? TE reader Wolfgang Kohl asks what effects on the alternative power supply can a volcanic eruption with global wide-area solar radiation that has been greatly reduced for months or even years? In the debate on alternative energies, he has never read anything about how such natural disasters are assessed in terms of their effects.

    Translated with
    This is a very plausible and likely danger. Might it affect current discussion of alternative energies?

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