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Thread: Study: “Human ancestry correlates with language and reveals that race is not an objective genomic classifier”370 days old

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    Default Study: “Human ancestry correlates with language and reveals that race is not an objective genomic classifier”

    It's open access and higher resolution of the admixture stuff can be seen in the PDF.

    Anyway I like genetic/linguistic studies of this sort, although I'm not sure they got it right, because linguistics is not as easy as genetics (it's very difficult to classify how language families are related at the deeper level).

    Quote Originally Posted by Abstract
    Genetic and archaeological studies have established a sub-Saharan African origin for anatomically modern humans with subsequent migrations out of Africa. Using the largest multi-locus data set known to date, we investigated genetic differentiation of early modern humans, human admixture and migration events, and relationships among ancestries and language groups. We compiled publicly available genome-wide genotype data on 5,966 individuals from 282 global samples, representing 30 primary language families. The best evidence supports 21 ancestries that delineate genetic structure of present-day human populations. Independent of self-identified ethno-linguistic labels, the vast majority (97.3%) of individuals have mixed ancestry, with evidence of multiple ancestries in 96.8% of samples and on all continents. The data indicate that continents, ethno-linguistic groups, races, ethnicities, and individuals all show substantial ancestral heterogeneity. We estimated correlation coefficients ranging from 0.522 to 0.962 between ancestries and language families or branches. Ancestry data support the grouping of Kwadi-Khoe, Kx’a, and Tuu languages, support the exclusion of Omotic languages from the Afroasiatic language family, and do not support the proposed Dené-Yeniseian language family as a genetically valid grouping. Ancestry data yield insight into a deeper past than linguistic data can, while linguistic data provide clarity to ancestry data.

    Obviously they had to pay some lip service to mandatory political correctness by taking shots at race and so on, as if language families said anything what race is or isn't. In any case, how's their methodology, what did they get right and/or wrong?
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