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    Default Before Sharia Spoiled Everything

    Before Sharia Spoiled Everything

    The Facebook group "Before sharia spoiled everything" shows photos of a secular and modern life in Muslim countries between 1920 and 1980 with self-confident and elegant women. The images are imbued with a tremendous melancholy. The contrast between the fragility of carefree life and the leaden times of today expresses what the multicultural left does not want to understand: that freedom is a fragile good. And that the fight against Islam can only be won as a more feminist struggle. /

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    The fight against Islam can only be won as a more feminist struggle?

    The images of schoolchildren in Afghanistan, female ballet students in Baghdad, chemistry students in Ankara and women who organized a kind of "Women's March" in Kabul in the eighties, testify in the almost complete absence of headscarves to the knowledge that freedom from Islam is part of freedom. Just as those banners that were worn by Iranian women in 1979 and that emphasized a truth - "emancipation is not western or eastern, but universal" - do, which has also been lost in today's culturally relativistically stupid feminism.

    Unfortunately, the feminist women of the American "Women's March" (and their supporters here) have made this all too clear when they demonstrated their border-debility and ideological neglect not only through the synthesis of headscarf and American flag, thus making it clear that they have no clue what this flag stands for.

    The latter, in turn, had already come up with sadistic punishment fantasies against the liberal Islamic critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali and, in all other things she does, shows that she only exploits feminism for her Islamic agenda, presumably originating from the Muslim Brotherhood.

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