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Thread: Ancestral heterogeneity of ancient Eurasians (Shriner 2018)512 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semitic Duwa View Post
    I'll tell you what I usually tell people who use Gedmatch calculators on ancient samples: This is like reading a book upside down.

    There is nothing new in this pre-print, this is a reanalysis of the data, and a very poor one at that. While I understand why you'd want to focus on an ADMIXTURE run showing the Natufians as 6.8% Omotic, unless you are about to show me formal stats validating such a signal this is best described as a result of the author's sloppy methodology.

    But for argument's sake, let's pretend this is relevant. In this case, you'd have to explain why this component is absent in subsequent populations from the Levant, Levant_N and Levant_BA (the latter being the only population in the dataset that can reliably be described as an AA-speaking one). You'd also have to explain some of the more idiosyncratic results, such as Iran_EN being 1.8% East African or Macedonia_EN being 5% West-Central African for example. None of this fits too well with the kind of theories you and your homies have been promoting on this forum.

    So yeah, a lot of noise for nothing. If you're looking for data that will vindicate the claims you've made since you've joined this forum, you won't find it in this pre-print, simple as that.

    Where is that ole quote from Larry Angel that Charlie Bass and company used to Spam around Anthroscape years back about how a few skeletons in From Neolithic Macedonia (Nea Nikomedeia?) had "Negroid nose and mouth traits"

    Maybe he was on to something. Don't we have those farmers genomes now? Arent they of just the standard Anatolian farmer type, genetically speaking.
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