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Thread: What's the deal with flat vs. arched eyebrows/supraorbital ridge?277 days old

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    Default What's the deal with flat vs. arched eyebrows/supraorbital ridge?

    I've noticed that the supraorbital ridge, or the portion of bone the eyebrows lie on, which ulitmately gives the shape of the eyebrow can usually either be pretty flat, flat with some inferomedial slant, or it can be arched/curved to great extent.

    What is the origin of these differences? For people from certain regions I've noticed it's more flat, such as near the Caucasus area, including Turkey, Chechnya, and the Balkan region. Some Mediterranean areas as well also have a more flat shape. But it feels like to me that nearly everyone else has the arched type.

    I personally have a very flat type of supraorbital ridge with slight slant.

    So did these variations arise from common ancestry, certain tribes, or something of the sort? And are certain shapes localized to regions?


    Turk with flat type

    Irish with flat type

    Irish with what seems like three different types (arched - intermediate - flat)

    Iranian with flat type (slight curvature still)

    Chinese with arched type

    Greek with arched type

    African American (usually West African) with arched type
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