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Thread: What are the newest ethnic groups?441 days old

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasAlucard View Post
    No I'm not. An ethnic group can't really be biracial. To the extent that it can, it must have been like that for a long time, like at least 1,000 years or longer, for the genome profile of a biracial group to have become homogeneous enough.

    Very few ethnic groups are biracial, it's only in the New World among mixed race creole populations and the like, where white people are being generous with the term "ethnicity" (for politically correct reasons, of course). Mixed race New Worlders are not ethnic groups, because they all have varying degrees of racial components/ancestry, so they don't even plot together on PCA plots.

    If you look at all serious Old World ethnic groups, they all plot together, and very close with one another too.

    Anyway, point is, mulattoes, mestizos and so on, aren't real ethnic groups. You guys don't have an actual ethnicity. You don't even have a unique language developed by your so called ethnic group. African-American English, is still English.

    And ethnicity is primarily a genetics matter, not food culture or whatever you think of when you think of "ethnic group".
    eth·nic group
    plural noun: ethnic groups
    a community or population made up of people who share a common cultural background or descent.

    Thank me later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentia View Post
    I would have to say the American Mestizo.

    It was formed mainly in the later 20th century and is still being formed to this day.

    Essentially, it is a person who is of Native American, Latin-European, and Euro-American heritage. The amount of each heritage within a person differs, of course.

    Although, it is not really acknowledged, I consider it an ethnic group as this type of mix is becoming very prevalent in the American Southwest, and even in other parts of the nation.

    For example, I myself have ancestors that are Native to Zacatecas. I also have ancestors who took part in the conquest of the Americas as conquistadors. And, I have ancestors who fought in the revolutionary war.
    American mestizos have existed ever since europeans colonized this continent, how are you going to erase the history of Hispanos from New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and the Tejanos of Texas?

    also American mestizo as a ethnicity should be all about culture as well, Hispanos from New Mexico developed their own culture, same with Tejanos, but why would you want to group them into a big ethnicity only for being mestizos? because other than having the same blend, they are culturally and traditionally distant people

    so no, American mestizo as an ethnicity makes no sense to me

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    Pretty much every non-Amerindisn ethnic group in the New World. My ethnic groups was created in the late 1600s. It depends on what you define as 'new'.
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