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Thread: Social structure of tribal people514 days old

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    Default Social structure of tribal people

    This is quite basic. Race is an English concept based on the idea that their are four often color coded human variants.
    Personally it seems like this could only be true for a couple hundred years before people mix and evolve...
    Afterall i hear jews were Ethiopian the middle eastern the polish....
    Whether or not this idea is true or not is irrelevent when it comes to the ethnic identity of those cultures alien or otherwise not consumed by eurocentric concepts.

    Because our peoples are not a static "race"
    I AM NOT a native american nor do i recognize the US governments bizarre blood requirements placed upon the "savage tribes"

    I am Chickasaw. My family is deer clan, we have history we have a language and a culture..
    The tribes & all its clans can fuck any amount of genetic diversity they want.... Our identity never changes...
    Thats the point of clans and tribes so we dont go into a panic attack out of xenophobia because your daughter fucks a black guy like europeans do... Well. Because we dont identify with that petty shit...

    I personally look like roughly half the Chikasaw nation right now...
    But i look nothing like an Apache' or a Sioux
    Because they bred different genes into the genepool.

    Chikasaw in rerms of "race" a mix of Muskegon, aztec, & Anglo-saxon. Since Chikasaw folks enjoyed european goods.

    Lakota are generally speaking Sioux, west african, & asian because Sioux hate white people and identify more with black folks.

    Im roughly about
    25% muskegan
    25% mayan
    25% anglosaxon
    10% scottish
    5% algerian
    5% chinese
    5% west african(probably congonese)

    100% Chikasha saya
    Mi fihna saya hattak apima

    Racial identity is a problem for "white people"
    We have clans, these identities hold up better.

    What makes you an NdN is affiliation with your culture.
    Decendency traced from it
    Knowing the stories and legends
    Speaking the language
    Association with other members of your nation.

    "Race" just isnt as much apart of our worldview as it was a thought brought to us by invaders

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    Welcome to the forum. I think most of human history and pre-history matched your perspective. Divisions were generally against neighboring tribes, not with drastically different races. The phenotypes dividing tribes tended to be more subtle. Maybe you think you look nothing like an Apache, but chances are it would be difficult for a non-NdN to tell the two tribes apart. Sensitivity to such differences was always crucial, because, if you meet a stranger on the plains, then you needed to know if he is a member of your own tribe or of a rival tribe, as it was a matter of life and death. The USA is now a chaotic mixture of not only many different tribes but many different races from all over the planet, and anyone can easily tell the difference between someone whose ancestors tended to be native Americans versus someone whose ancestors tended to be Europeans. DNA tests bear out such social identifications. Theoretically, biological races are spectral, so there is a gradient between red and yellow, and yet anyone can tell the difference between red paint and yellow paint, and the gradient does not seem to matter much in practical life. The stark differences among the races, not just in appearance but also in language, clothing, accessories, music, politics, and class, means that our tribal instincts are intensely triggered in our day-to-day lives. In such a pot melting slower than we expect, some races are treated as allies and other races are treated as enemies. As an enemy race, the most popular target is the white race, popular even among whites.

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